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Baraja Infantil made in Cuba

cards from a 40-card children's "Questions and Answers" game. The Spanish suit signs have been changed to tambourines, yo-yos, swords and skittles. Printed lithographically in Cuba, c.1930.

Baraja Infantil made in Cuba

Chad Valley Co. Ltd

Chad Valley Co. Ltd (incorporating Johnson Brothers (Harborne) Ltd, the long-established UK brand bought by Woolworths in 1988 and now sold at Argos.

Chad Valley Co. Ltd

Cow & Gate Happy Family Game

Cow and Gate Happy Family game was issued around 1928 to promote nutrition products.

Cow & Gate Happy Family Game 1928

Creciendo Seguros

‘Creciendo Seguros’ road safety awareness playing cards from Argentina, 2006.

Creciendo Seguros 2006

Dondorf Patience playing cards No.26

Patience playing cards with children in historical costumes

Dondorf Patience playing cards No.26 1920

Familles Provinciales

Jeu des 7 Familles Provinciales printed by Nisse, Croix-Lille, c.1930

Familles Provinciales 1930


First published in c.1870, children are presented in these miniature Patience cards disguised as Kings, Queens and Jacks. The Kings' crowns are slightly over-sized for their heads and the children are wearing false beards.

Kinder-Karte 1870

Liebig Beef Extract

The first cards, or “chromos”, were published in 1872 and during the next 100 years almost 2,000 series were issued as a form of advertisement, but also educational as they cover almost every field of knowledge.

Liebig Beef Extract

Mauclair Dacier Familles

This “Jeu de Sept Familles” was produced by Mauclair Dacier in the late 19th century.

Mauclair Dacier Familles


Mini-Poker miniature playing cards made in China.


Mr. Men™

Mr. Men™ & Little Miss™ playing cards by Roger Hargreaves

Mr. Men™ 2011

Mustering of the Mustard Club

The “Mustering of the Mustard Club” was one of many promotional items produced by Colman's for the Mustard Club which was launched in 1926.

Mustering of the Mustard Club 1926

Naipe Infantil by Plasticos Pardo M.R.

Naipe Español Infantil miniature children's playing cards with suit signs of ice creams, baseball bats, swords and suns, manufactured in Chile by Plasticos Pardo M.R.

Naipe Infantil by Plasticos Pardo M.R.

Noah’s Deck

“Noah’s Deck” designed by Ljiljana Rylands, c.1990.

Noah’s Deck 1990

Piñón Fijo

“Piñón Fijo” is an Argentine clown, whose real name is Fabián Gómez. He is well-known on Argentine children's television.

Piñón Fijo

Proverbs and Maxims

Naipe Infantil Gauchito children’s miniature playing cards with Proverbs and Maxims on the reverse,

Proverbs and Maxims

Regional Costumes

Spanish regional costumes and coats-of-arms; cute illustrations on each card, 1986.

Regional Costumes 1986

Secret Magic Cards

‘Secret Magic Cards’ published by Hanky Panky Toys Thailand Ltd., © World Magic International, 2006.

Secret Magic Cards 2006

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