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Art Deco Gypsy Oracle 1936

Art Deco Gypsy Oracle

Art Deco fortune telling deck published by Piatnik, 1936.

Art Deco playing cards 1923

Art Deco playing cards

by Flemming-Wiskott A.G.of Glogau, Germany.

Cassandre for Hermès 1948

Cassandre for Hermès

Promotional playing cards created by A. M. Cassandre (pseudonym of Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron, 1901-1968) with abstract, almost surrealist figures and ornamentation, but clearly inspired by medieval art and rendered into an Art Deco style.

Hycrest Modern Royalty 1931

Hycrest Modern Royalty

Published by the Hycrest Playing Card Co., New York, c.1931. The large suit symbol behind each figure enhances the visual impact of the deck, as does the splendid back design & Joker.

Lidia Schöffer art-deco playing cards 1942

Lidia Schöffer art-deco playing cards

A prize winning design from The Netherlands

Moderne Art Deco Playing Cards 2015

Moderne Art Deco Playing Cards

This pack created by Randy Coffey is based on the 1920s and 1930s Art Deco style of fine decoration and fashion.

Orient-Express Playing Cards 1990

Orient-Express Playing Cards

Orient Express playing cards evoking a bygone era of chauffeurs, monocles and exoticism. Manufactured by Waddingtons, c.1990.

Past-L-Eze Playing Cards 1935

Past-L-Eze Playing Cards

On “Past-L-Eze” playing cards Kings, Queens and Jacks are no longer stodgy and conventional but pleasingly reflect suspicion, flirtation and worry.

Ritter & Cie, 1933 1933

Ritter & Cie, 1933

A colourful re-working of the standard Anglo-American pattern in Art Deco style.

Rummy No.210 1934

Rummy No.210

Period cartoon images from the 1930s. The Kings are in fancy dress ready to party, the Queens appear ready for socialising whilst the Jacks are already on the go.



Promotional playing cards printed by Dondorf for Saks & Company, New York, late 1920s.

Schwarzer Peter

Schwarzer Peter

Art Deco style “Schwarzer Peter” card game published by Vereinigte Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken A.G., Stuttgart.

Smart Set 400 1906

Smart Set 400

The “Smart Set 400” brand with named backs was introduced in c.1906 by the Kalamazoo Playing Card Co. in Michigan. Kalamazoo subsequently merged with the Russell Playing Card Co. in around 1913 or 1914. Thereafter the “Smart Set 400” series continued to be published by the Russell Playing Card Co.

The Aquarian Tarot Deck 1970

The Aquarian Tarot Deck

The Aquarian Tarot Deck illustrated by David Palladini, published by Morgan Press, Inc., 1970.

The Grand Chinatown Edition by Riffle Shuffle Playing Card Co. 2021

The Grand Chinatown Edition by Riffle Shuffle Playing Card Co.

1920s gangster-themed playing cards, "The Grand", were produced by Kevin Yu under the Riffle Shuffle Playing Card Company brand name, after raising CAD$104,453 from 884 backers on Kickstarter in 2021.

Tungsram Playing Cards

Tungsram Playing Cards

Tungsram Playing Cards, Art Deco playing cards from Hungary

Vac-tric Electric Vacuum Cleaners 1930

Vac-tric Electric Vacuum Cleaners

Vac-tric Electric Vacuum Cleaner playing cards manufactured by De la Rue, 1930s.

Vintage skyscraper playing cards 2005

Vintage skyscraper playing cards

Vintage skyscraper playing cards published by Inkstone Design, Inc., 2005.

Waisenfond 1916


Intended to attract donations on behalf of the Imperial Royal Austrian Military Widows’ and Orphans’ Fund, this elegant and refined deck was designed by Nellie Stern. The deck was printed by Ferdinand Piatnik & Söhne, Vienna in 1916.