Past-L-Eze Playing Cards

Featuring geometric Art Deco designs in lovely pastel colours, this set comes in a double box, branded as “Pipes of Pan” and published by Fan-C-Pack Co., Inc, New York, USA. The Pan deck is gilded, the goat deck is silvered, each deck subtly matching the gold and silver. Other back designs are known.

An insert card desccribes the cards as follows: "on Past-l-Eze playing cards Kings, Queens and Jacks are no longer stodgy and conventional but pleasingly reflect suspicion, flirtation and worry." They were also reckoned to reduce eye strain.

'Past-l-Eze' playing cards published by Fan-C-Pack Co., Inc, New York, c.1935

Above: 'Past-l-Eze' playing cards published by Fan-C-Pack Co., Inc, New York, c.1935. 2x 52+J in special double box. The extra insert cards reads: “Past-l-exe is our exclusive brand name applied to playing cards. Instead of glaring white, you are faced with a soft, pleasing pastel colour, green or cream. Easy and non-glaring on your eyes.” Some of these packs are believed to have been manufactured by E. E. Fairchild because wrappers have been found with the tax stamp cancelled by E.E. Fairchild Corp. The cards are bridge size, measuring 89mm x 58mm.


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Images on this page are from the collection of Barney Townshend.

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