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Folklore and Local Traditions on Playing Cards

Folklore and Local Traditions on Playing Cards

Folklore comes in many forms. Sometimes traditional story-telling preserves legends about local characters or events. Folklore may be rooted in the traditional cultures of the peoples who settled in the area, or of the local, indigenous people. It may involve music, dance, belief, objects, customs and so on.

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Matyó-Bridge No.50 1932

Matyó-Bridge No.50

The court cards in this delightful Art Deco pack represent persons in various colourfully embroidered folkloric costumes. Designed by Hungarian artist Ilona Radnainé Szöredi.

Mayan Cards

Mayan Cards

Mayan Playing Cards from Guatemala / Baraja Maya / containing illustrations of archaeology, art, folklore, history and mythology of the Mayans.

Modet Sardegna 2005

Modet Sardegna

Costumes, masks and symbols from the island of Sardinia, with designs by Luciano Dettori and Tonino Caputo.

Naipe Criollo Caraí Pujol 2005

Naipe Criollo Caraí Pujol

‘Naipe Criollo Caraí Pujol’ with Gaucho designs by Julio F. Parada Seifert capturing the spirit of Argentine country life, 2005.

Naipes Cardón 2002

Naipes Cardón

Naipes Cardón designed by Mario Luis Rivero depicting traditional Argentine culture and identity, 2002.

Naipes Criollos 1995

Naipes Criollos

“Naipes Criollos” Gaucho playing cards, 1995.

Netherlands Kostuum Kwartet 1983

Netherlands Kostuum Kwartet

Dutch costumes quartet game designed by Gerard Huijg, 1983.

Norfin® Trolls 1992

Norfin® Trolls

Troll dolls with gaudy hairstyles in a multitude of different costumes.

Norwegian Troll Cards 2000

Norwegian Troll Cards

Norwegian Troll Cards published by Aune Forlag of Trondheim, c.2000.

Novosibirsk Fair 1997

Novosibirsk Fair

Novosibirsk Fair playing cards designed by Sergei A. Grebennikov, Russia, 1997.

Österreichisches Trachten-quartett 1960

Österreichisches Trachten-quartett

Österreichisches Trachten-quartett Nr.282 published by Ferd Piatnik & Söhne.

Pacific Northwest native Indian masks 1992

Pacific Northwest native Indian masks

Pacific Northwest native Indian masks with artwork by Margaret Parrott, USA, 1992.

Palekh and Kholui lacquer miniatures

Palekh and Kholui lacquer miniatures

Palekh and Kholui lacquer miniatures.

Pinocchio 1940


Pinocchio card game published by Pepys Games, 1940.

Pinocchio 2003


Pinocchio fairy tale playing cards illustrated by Iassen Ghiuselev for Lo Scarabeo, 2003.

Pinocho 1975


Pinocho children’s playing cards published by Editorial Gráfica Flores c.1975.

Provinces de France 1979

Provinces de France

Jeu des Provinces de France published by Éditions Dusserre, 1979.

Pulgarcito 1981


Pulgarcito (Tom Thumb) card game published by H Fournier, 1981.

Rapalje 2004


Promotional pack for a Dutch Celtic folk band which performs Irish, Scottish and Dutch folk music, c.2004.

Recado de Bastos - Gaucho Scrapbook

Recado de Bastos - Gaucho Scrapbook

Recado de Bastos (‘Gaucho Scrapbook’) Gaucho-themed deck from Argentina, 2006