Matyó-Bridge No.50

“Matyó-Bridge No.50”

The court cards in this delightful Art Deco pack represent persons in various colourfully embroidered folkloric costumes designed by Hungarian artist Ilona Radnainé Szöredi, who specialised in folk needlework. The cards were produced at Piatnik's Hungarian branch in Budapest, 1932.

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Matyó-Bridge No.50 manufactured by F. Piatnik Nándor és Fiai, Budapest, 1932

Above: Matyó-Bridge No.50 manufactured by F. Piatnik Nándor és Fiai, (Hungarian branch, 1896-1948), Budapest, 1932. 52 cards, printed by offset, in paper wrapper. The firm of Piatnik had several branches besides the main office in Vienna, which included Prague, Cracow and Budapest. Images courtesy Barney Townshend.


Segeth, Uwe-Volker: Spielkarten Jugendstil und Art Déco, Edition Christian Brandstätter, Wien, 1994

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