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52 ways to stop smoking

52 ways to stop smoking

“52 ways to stop smoking”, offering positive help for anyone who wants to give up smoking.

52 Ways to talk about adoption

52 Ways to talk about adoption

‘52 Ways to talk about adoption’ family-centred playing cards produced by the Center for Adoption Support and Education, USA.

54 Affiches Retro 1991

54 Affiches Retro

54 different old French advertising posters, mainly for travel and health products.

African Renaissance Deck 2000

African Renaissance Deck

African Renaissance Deck published for Nkosi's Haven, South Africa, 2000.

Army Health Promotion 2011

Army Health Promotion

Health Promotion playing cards issued by the British Army with cartoons about army life and information on where to get health advice.

Art for Life 2014

Art for Life

Art for Life playing cards illustrated by Francesc Artigau i Seguí for the British Red Cross, 2014.

Better drug laws now

Better drug laws now

“Better drug laws now” campaign playing cards issued by Release, United Kingdom.



Health & Safety playing cards designed as a teaching aid to improve safety standards in the workplace

Capilettor 1978


Capilettor cartoon playing cards published by ASS, Leinfelden, 1978.

Cartas Blancas Self-improvement playing cards

Cartas Blancas Self-improvement playing cards

Cartas Blancas Self-help playing cards

Coffinnails: Smoking Kills 2004

Coffinnails: Smoking Kills

“Coffinnails: Smoking Kills” playing cards highlighting the impact smoking has on life and health, 2004.

Covid-19 playing cards 2020

Covid-19 playing cards

Covid-19 playing cards designed by Stacey Kelly, United Kingdom, 2020.

Death Cigarettes 1985

Death Cigarettes

‘Death Cigarettes’ anti-smoking playing cards, USA, 1985.

Death on Drugs 1985

Death on Drugs

Death on Drugs playing cards, United States, 1985.

Dengue 2010


Dengue prevention playing cards. Juego de 40 Naipes. Material para la prevención del Dengue, Ministerio de Salud de la Nación (Argentina).

Don’t come back

Don’t come back

“Don’t come back” playing cards produced by Hounslow NHS Primary Care Trust and Feltham Young Offender’s Institution, United Kingdom

Fondation Charcot Stichting 1990

Fondation Charcot Stichting

Multi-artist promotion deck for Le Fondation Charcot, a Multiple Sclerosis charity in Belgium, c.1990.

Food Exchange 1973

Food Exchange

“Food Exchange“ playing cards designed by Ralph Dobson for the British Diabetic Association.

Four Days of Walking Event 2016

Four Days of Walking Event

Dutch playing cards promoting the annual International Four Days of Walking Event held in Holland, 2016

Gibbs Happy Families 1946

Gibbs Happy Families

Gibbs Happy Families card game promotion, both full sized and miniature versions, c.1946.