Cartas Blancas Self-improvement playing cards

Cartas Blancas Self-improvement playing cards

Cartas Blancas self-help cards are based on the idea that positive thoughts are the key to achieving whatever is desired or cherished in life. Each card contains 2 positive phrases which the enquirer then relates directly to his/her situation, without the need for any one else's interpretation. The design of the cards is clear and simple, and an informal typeface has been used.


Cartas Blancas contain 54 cards plus instruction leaflet inside a sturdy box, and are available in Spanish or English versions. They can be ordered from, Pasaje Almadraba 7, 11520 Rota, Cadiz, Spain.   Tel: + 34 646 81 63 41 Fax: + 34 956 84 06 56.  Email: [email protected]   Price: 15 Euros + 2.70 p&p Europe (4.63 Euros p&p International)

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