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Feminine beauty has been appreciated since prehistory.

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54 Pin-up Motivs 1960

54 Pin-up Motivs

Hungarian pin-up deck illustrated by Imre Sebök, c.1960.

Axe Deodorant 2004

Axe Deodorant

Clearly promoting good personal hygiene, each card shows a young, pouting female model posing seductively and appealing to the playboy.

Baby Dolls 1957

Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls pin-up deck designed by Willy Mayrl, published by Piatnik, 1957.

Bathing Beauties 1967

Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties throughout the ages, published in Hungary, 1967.

Beauty 1955


Pin-up pack closely resembling the more famous one called “Darling”.

Chérie 1965


Chérie No 7022 designed by Hans & Louise Neupert, nice vibrant artwork, swinging 60s

Darling 1960


Darling pin-up playing cards designed by Heinz Villiger, c.1950s-60s.

DC Comic Bombshells 2015

DC Comic Bombshells

Stylish playing cards featuring the glamorous, superpowered female stars of the alternate reality world of DC Comics, published by 'Forbidden Planet', 2015

Eroticartes 1983


Eroticartes with drawings by Pino Zac, 1983.

Glorious Colección 1995 1995

Glorious Colección 1995

Spanish-suited playing cards featuring the ‘Glorious’ ladies swimwear collection for 1995, designed by Estudio Fileni/Mendióroz.

Hard-a-Port 1890


Tobacco insert cards were a very successful marketing innovation which started in the nineteenth century.

Hollywood Stars 1957

Hollywood Stars

Hollywood Stars by Maple Leaf B.V., Amsterdam, 1957

Mayall Press Art Studies 1946

Mayall Press Art Studies

Photographic playing cards - each face having an "art study" of a female nude, Mayall Press, Stockwell, London, c.1946.

Military Pin Up 2019

Military Pin Up

Military Pin Up created by Sviatoslay Pashchuk (Ukraine) 2019.

Olivia’s Lucky Ladies 2004

Olivia’s Lucky Ladies

“Olivia’s Lucky Ladies” glamour model playing cards produced by Ozone Productions Ltd, USA, 2004

Paparazzi Pin-up Deck 2005

Paparazzi Pin-up Deck

Pin-up deck given free with Paparazzi magazine, 2005

Pin-up deck no.5513

Pin-up deck no.5513

Celebrity Pin-up deck no.5513 by unknown publisher.

Playboy Fragrances, 2010 2010

Playboy Fragrances, 2010

In 2010 Playboy Fragrances (Coty) released a 'gaming' set promotion comprising two decks of identical cards, one set of five dice and poker chips.

Playboy playing cards 2003

Playboy playing cards

52 different magazine covers from the first 50 years of Playboy.

Portraits of a Lady 2003

Portraits of a Lady

Portraits of a Lady by Lo Scarabeo, 2003.