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54 Pin-up Motivs 1960

54 Pin-up Motivs

Hungarian pin-up deck illustrated by Imre Sebök, c.1960.

Amorous Translucent Playing Cards 1850

Amorous Translucent Playing Cards

Amorous Translucent Playing Cards, French, c.1850.

Éditions Philibert 1954

Éditions Philibert

Éditions Philibert published an outstanding series of exotic, artistic playing cards in Paris from 1954 to 1960

El Tripero 2002

El Tripero

Hand-drawn semi-erotic, satirical playing cards by Lautaro Fiszman ‘El Tripero’, 2002.

Emanuelle 1986


‘Emanuelle’ erotic transformation playing cards designed by Patrick Cuenot, 1986.

Eroticartes 1983


Eroticartes with drawings by Pino Zac, 1983.

Hafez Fortune Telling Cards

Hafez Fortune Telling Cards

Fortune Tellers use the Hafez Cards by interpreting the Hāfez poems printed on the card backs when cards are selected randomly by their consultants.

Japanese Women

Japanese Women

Japanese Women playing cards in an idealised and erotic style by Keiichi Takasawa (1914-1984).

La Cour Galante 1979

La Cour Galante

‘La Cour Galante’ playing cards with erotic images by Costante Costantini, Italy, 1979.

Lascivious playing cards 2005

Lascivious playing cards

Lascivious lingerie playing cards, United Kingdom, c.2005

Le Florentin 1956

Le Florentin

Éditions Philibert published playing cards in Paris from 1954 to 1960 including Le Florentin in Renaissance style.

Manara: baraja de poker 2010

Manara: baraja de poker

Exotic illustrations by Italian comic book artist and writer Milo Manara.

Masuo Ikeda 1977

Masuo Ikeda

Striking, colourful designs by the Japanese artist Masuo Ikeda.

Mayall Press Art Studies 1946

Mayall Press Art Studies

Photographic playing cards - each face having an "art study" of a female nude, Mayall Press, Stockwell, London, c.1946.

Mémoires de Casanova 1960

Mémoires de Casanova

Mémoires de Casanova artistic and lightly risqué playing cards with paintings by Paul-Émile Bécat, published by Éditions Philibert, Paris, c.1960.

Olivia’s Lucky Ladies 2004

Olivia’s Lucky Ladies

“Olivia’s Lucky Ladies” glamour model playing cards produced by Ozone Productions Ltd, USA, 2004

Pin-Ups 2010


A deck of 55 cards celebrating a golden age of cheeky, naughty, bold and curvy ladies in film.

Shapely 1980


“Shapely” non-standard adult playing cards manufactured by Angel Playing Cards Co., Japan, 1980

Tease Me 1960

Tease Me

‘Tease Me’ 1960s glamour pack.

The Art of Pin-Up decks

The Art of Pin-Up decks

Feminine beauty has been appreciated since prehistory.