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Adolfo Matarelli Transformation 1860

Adolfo Matarelli Transformation

Matarelli was a well known caricaturist who first illustrated Carlo Collodi's famous Pinocchio story. He was also a collaborator in the satirical magazine “Il Lampione”, founded by Collodi.

Anti-Fascist cards, 1943 1943

Anti-Fascist cards, 1943

Satirical Anti-Fascist cards designed in 1943 by Ivan Ivanovich Kharkevich.

B-Deck 2005


“B-Deck” scurrilous playing cards poking fun at a former UK prime minister.

Baraja Mística 1885

Baraja Mística

‘Baraja Mística’ satirical playing-cards featuring revelling clergy published by Litografía Fernández, Madrid.

Carte da gioco anticomuniste del Comitato civico 1951

Carte da gioco anticomuniste del Comitato civico

Anti-Communist propaganda pack with satirical designs by Benito Jacovitti.

Cartes à Rire

Cartes à Rire

Transformed playing cards featuring satirical caricatures of political figures then in the ascendant, Paris, c.1819.

Delightful Cards, c.1723 1723

Delightful Cards, c.1723

Delightful Cards, containing variety of entertainment for young Ladies and Gentlemen c.1723.

El Jueves playing cards 1988

El Jueves playing cards

Caricatures of 52 famous Spaniards for the satirical magazine “El Jueves”.

El Tripero 2002

El Tripero

Hand-drawn semi-erotic, satirical playing cards by Lautaro Fiszman ‘El Tripero’, 2002.

Jeu des Médecins 1983

Jeu des Médecins

Cartoons of doctors and nurses by Pino Zac, published by B.P. Grimaud in 1983.

John Bull 1865

John Bull

“John Bull”, the Capital English Game published by W. Cremer, c.1865.

Joker’s wild: Dubya’s trick deck 2004

Joker’s wild: Dubya’s trick deck

“Joker’s wild: Dubya’s trick deck” satirical playing cards published by Seven Stories Press in 2004.

K Deck 2004

K Deck

“K Deck” political playing cards, USA, c. 2004.

Kennedy Kards 1963

Kennedy Kards

‘Kennedy Kards’ playing cards with satirical portrayals of the Kennedy clan, USA, 1963

Knavery of the Rump, 1679 1679

Knavery of the Rump, 1679

The Knavery of the Rump playing cards, first published in 1679, are a satirical portrayal of Oliver Cromwell's Government. The illustrations on the cards provide a rare visual impression of the times.

Le Giscarte 1976

Le Giscarte

Le Giscarte political playing cards designed by Eddy Munerol, France, 1976.

Mr Punch’s Playing Cards 1896

Mr Punch’s Playing Cards

Mr Punch’s Playing Cards, 1896.

Operation Hidden Agenda 2003

Operation Hidden Agenda

“Operation Hidden Agenda” playing cards designed by Kathy Eder, USA, 2003.

Panorama playing cards 1979

Panorama playing cards

Panorama playing cards included with a weekly news magazine published in Milan, Italy, c. 1979.

Peter Flötner, c.1545 1545

Peter Flötner, c.1545

Seven cards from a satirical pack produced by Peter Flötner of Nuremberg, c.1545. The suit symbols are acorns, leaves, bells and hearts. The block-cutter and publisher was Franz Christoph Zell.