John Bull

W Cremer was an importer and manufacturer of toys and games at 27 New Bond Street, London in c.1860 and his son W H Cremer junior at 210 Regent Street from c.1861-c.1880. “John Bull” - based on the satirical personification of the United Kingdom by Dr. John Arbuthnot - is a quartet card game similar to Happy Families consisting of 64 original, humorous cartoons organised into family groups of four cards. See the Instructions

The game has a total of 16 families, and a selection of the remaining family cards is shown below.

“John Bull”, the Capital English Game published by W. Cremer, c.1865

Above: “John Bull”, the Capital English Game published by W. Cremer, c.1865. 64 cards + instructions in cardboard box. The cards are very large = 76mm x 114mm. Backs are plain uncoloured. Earlier editions are known in wooden boxes. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.


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