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Souvenir Playing Cards

Souvenir Playing Cards

Tourist souvenir playing cards depict the aesthetic, political, social and economic conceptions of the countries to which they belong. They feature beauty spots, local customs, gastronomy, historic ruins or other attractions.

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Papyrus Playing Cards 1996

Papyrus Playing Cards

Papyrus playing cards distributed by Egypt Trade, c.1996.

Papyrus playing cards

Papyrus playing cards

Egyptian ‘Papyrus’ playing cards with beautiful illustrations against a papyrus background.

Paris Scenes 1957

Paris Scenes

“Paris Story” playing cards published by Éditions Philibert, c.1957, showing photographic scenes of Paris.

Penang Souvenir

Penang Souvenir

Souvenir of Penang with a different photograph on every card, manufactured by Yong Guan Heng & Co, Penang, Malaysia.

Perthshire Playing Cards 2014

Perthshire Playing Cards

Perthshire Playing Cards with photography by Duncan McEwan, 2014.

Peru Rail 2005

Peru Rail

Peru Rail souvenir cards "exploring the land of the Incas" published by Peru Rail, Cusco, c.2005.

Peruvian Souvenir Playing Cards 2000

Peruvian Souvenir Playing Cards

Assorted scenes from Peruvian landscape, architecture and culture published by Jan Mer S.A.C., c.2000.

Peterhof 1999


“Peterhof” deck manufactured at the St Petersburg Colour Printing Plant in 1999.

Peterhof souvenir playing cards

Peterhof souvenir playing cards

Peterhof souvenir playing cards (Petergof suvenirnye igral’nye karty) published by Mednyi Vsadnik (Bronze Horseman), St. Petersburg.

Pharaonic Souvenir of Egypt 2010

Pharaonic Souvenir of Egypt

Pharaonic Souvenir of Egypt, c.2010

Pictures of Riga 2015

Pictures of Riga

Playing cards with colour photos of buildings and monuments in and around Riga.

Playing cards in Puerto Rico

Playing cards in Puerto Rico

Playing cards in Puerto Rico.

Polska 2011


Polska with artwork by Katarzyna Tomala & Krzysztof Korzeniak, 2011.

Prague 1908 Jubilee 1908

Prague 1908 Jubilee

This special pack of playing cards, published in 1908, was available at the Jubilee Exhibition held in Prague.

Provinces de France 1979

Provinces de France

Jeu des Provinces de France published by Éditions Dusserre, 1979.

Red Sea 2005

Red Sea

Red Sea fish identification cards published in several languages by Horus of Egypt, 2005.

República Española Souvenir 1935

República Española Souvenir

Printed by Hijos de Heraclio Fournier, Vitoria, for the French-speaking tourist market. 52 cards + joker in mock crocodile skin box.

Riga Souvenir playing cards 2010

Riga Souvenir playing cards

54 different photographs of Riga, Latvia’s capital.

Romȃnia Playing Cards 2017

Romȃnia Playing Cards

Playing cards featuring traditional folk costumes from Romania.

Romania Souvenir playing cards 2015

Romania Souvenir playing cards

High-quality souvenir pack with 53 different views of Romania.