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Skid-o 1951


Skid-o motorcycle card game by Pepys, 1951.

Space Exploration 2013

Space Exploration

History of Transport ‘Space Exploration’ playing cards published by Heritage Playing Card Co., 2013.

Speed 1st edition 1938

Speed 1st edition

The first edition of Speed by Pepys Games was published in 1938.

Speed 2nd edition 1945

Speed 2nd edition

The second edition of Speed by Pepys Games was published in c.1945.

The Birth of Motorization 1885-1985 1985

The Birth of Motorization 1885-1985

The Birth of Motorization playing cards designed by Radoslaw Radziejewski

The Blue Train (Bloutrein)

The Blue Train (Bloutrein)

“The Blue Train” playing cards from the luxury train service in South Africa.

The Saab 900 Convertible playing cards 1990

The Saab 900 Convertible playing cards

A flicker pack with different backs, advertising the Saab 900 Convertible motor car.

Topolino Fiat Cinquecento 1993

Topolino Fiat Cinquecento

Fully illustrated Italian Disney pack advertising the Fiat Cinquecento, made by Modiano, Trieste, Italy, 1993.

Touring 1920


Touring Automobile card game published by Wallie Dorr Company, NY, in c.1920.

Touring 1926


“Touring”, the Great Automobile Card Game, © 1926 Parker Brothers, Salem, Massachusetts.

Trains 1962


Trains card game with pictures by Ian Allan, published by Pepys, 1962.

Trans-siberian Express 2015

Trans-siberian Express

‘Trans-Siberian Express’ playing cards designed by Veronika Nicolaeva, Az-Art Publishing House, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2015.



Transport card game published by H.P. Gibson & Sons Ltd in mid-1930s.

Tut=Tut 1900


“Tut=Tut; or a Run in a Motor Car” published by Woolley & Co Ltd, early 1900s

Verkeers Kwartet 1965

Verkeers Kwartet

Verkeers Kwartet by Nederlandse Spellenfabriek BV, Amsterdam, 1965.

Verkehrsmittel Einst und Jetzt 1958

Verkehrsmittel Einst und Jetzt

“Verkehrsmittel Einst und Jetzt” transport quartet game by Bielefelder Spielkarten Fabrik GmbH, 1958.

Vieux gréements 2004

Vieux gréements

Illustrations by Yannick Pennanguer of old sailing ships for Brest 2004, a maritime festival.

Volvo playing cards 1995

Volvo playing cards

Celebrating 50 years of innovation in Volvo car design.



VR-VISA playing cards published by VR Group, the state-owned railway company in Finland.