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Chad Valley Co. Ltd

Chad Valley Co. Ltd

Chad Valley Co. Ltd (incorporating Johnson Brothers (Harborne) Ltd, the long-established UK brand bought by Woolworths in 1988 and now sold at Argos.

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Snap 1930 1930

Snap 1930

Chad Valley ‘Pantomime Snap’ card game, 1930.

Sparx 1925


‘Sparx’ card game, or ‘Listening In’, published by Chad Valley Games, c.1925.

Special Edition Snap 1912 1912

Special Edition Snap 1912

Chad Valley Special Edition ‘Snap’ card game, 1912.

The Game of “Old Maid” 1910

The Game of “Old Maid”

Two different editions of “The Game of Old Maid” by the Chad Valley Games Co.

Uback 1922


Uback horse racing game patent specification, Chad Valley Co Ltd, 1922.

Word Making and Word Taking 1877

Word Making and Word Taking

How crossword and spelling games became popular.

Zoo-Zoo 1920


“Zoo-Zoo” card game published by Chad Valley games, c.1920s.