The Game of “Zoo-Zoo”

Zoo-Zoo consists of 40 cards with funny, bright characters and great facial expressions, divided into 36 cards in 3 suits (red, blue and green) of twelve, plus 4 special cards: the Bad Boy, the Old Witch, the Wicked Cat and Zoo-Zoo himself (a monkey dressed in all the colours and a wild card). Each suit has 8 identical ‘balloon’ cards and 4 special cards: King, Queen, Jumbo and Neddy. The animal characters dressed in human clothes encourage children’s imagination. The game involves guessing the colour of the next card and scoring points according to different values for each card.  See the Rules

Zoo-Zoo card game published by Chad Valley games, c.1920s

Above: “Zoo-Zoo” card game published by Chad Valley games, c.1920s. 40 cards in box. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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