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Woolley & Co

58: Woolley & Co.

The firm of Thomas Woolley lasted for many years from 1836-1904 in several different guises.

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52: The Isle of Man

52: The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has always been a tax haven within the British Isles and it has also had some interesting packs of cards.

58: Woolley & Co.

58: Woolley & Co.

The firm of Thomas Woolley lasted for many years from 1836-1904 in several different guises.

66: Adverts and related material 1862-1900

66: Adverts and related material 1862-1900

Some further material relating to cards from nineteenth and twentieth century periodicals.

Corner Indices 1864

Corner Indices

Corner Indices were a major innovation in playing card production.

Crickette 1890


“Crickette” card game manufactured by Woolley & Co., London, c.1890.

EPCS August 1987 Newsletter

EPCS August 1987 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS February 1987 Newsletter

EPCS February 1987 Newsletter Members Only

Unusual Waddington Pack • British Playing Cards Limited • The Cardboard Court • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Part 1) Woolley & Co • Georges Brewery Bristol • Card Game Manufacturers (Part 1) H & A Mullord Brothers • Collateral Branches of the English/American Family • 3 Decks of John Waddington in the limelight • Snap (Part 1) Globe Series of Games • A Collecting Theme: Dogs

EPCS February 1996 Newsletter

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EPCS Febuary 1988 Newsletter

EPCS Febuary 1988 Newsletter Members Only

Queen Mary • Healthguard Underwear • Newmarket Multum in Parvo Company • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Part 5) Joseph Hunt & Sons London • Woolley Card Games: OLD MAID and SNAP • Rhymes about Royalty or The Comical Court Cards (Part 3) • KAN-YOU-GO-AGAIN • Not a Lotta Bottle!! • Metropolitan Vickers Lamps • London's Loyal Volunteers: 450th Anniversary of HAC, PANKO, Votes for Women • Waddington pack with no borders to Court Cards • The Big Baang! • Walt Disney Anniversaries • Non-Standard Jokers.

EPCS June 2002 Newsletter

EPCS June 2002 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS May 1987 Newsletter

EPCS May 1987 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS May 1996 Newsletter

EPCS May 1996 Newsletter Members Only

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Funny Families 1890

Funny Families

“Funny Families” card game manufactured by Woolley & Co, 1890s.

Heraldic playing cards 1888

Heraldic playing cards

Reproduction of Richard Blome’s Heraldic playing cards, 1684, presented to lady guests at WCMPC Summer Meeting in 1888.

Oosehe 1900


‘Oosehe’ animal card game published by Woolley & Co, c.1900.

Roberts Brothers Ltd, Gloucester 1920

Roberts Brothers Ltd, Gloucester

Roberts Brothers Ltd, Gloucester (Glevum Brand) ‘Old Maid’ card game, 1920s.

Sefite card game 1905

Sefite card game

“Sefite” card game, Woolley & Co,. Ltd, London, c.1905

Snap by Woolley & Co 1905

Snap by Woolley & Co

‘Cries of London Snap’ by Woolley & Co Ltd, c.1905 with cheerful figures of street vendors.

Transformation c.1880 1880

Transformation c.1880

Hand-drawn transformation cards, c.1880

Tut=Tut 1900


“Tut=Tut; or a Run in a Motor Car” published by Woolley & Co Ltd, early 1900s