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Ceki Cards 1901

Ceki Cards

Indonesian Ceki cards

Chi Chi Pai 1890

Chi Chi Pai

Chinese “Chi Chi Pai” Playing Cards by Mesmaekers Frères for Far East market.

Dutch costume playing cards 1860

Dutch costume playing cards

Dutch costume playing cards made for the Dutch market in the second half of the 19th century.

Far East 1980

Far East

Far East playing cards with designs by Isabel Ibáñez de Sendadiano, c.1980.

Four Colour Cards / 四色牌 / Si Sek Pai 1900

Four Colour Cards / 四色牌 / Si Sek Pai

Four Colour Cards made in Belgium for Far Eastern markets

Garuda Indonesia 1990

Garuda Indonesia

Souvenir playing cards from Garuda Indonesia Airlines, the national airline of Indonesia.

Garuda Indonesia Airline 1985

Garuda Indonesia Airline

Souvenir pack from Garuda Indonesia, the national airline of Indonesia, c.1985.

Marionnettes Wayang 1985

Marionnettes Wayang

Striking Wayang puppet designs conceived by Youdi des Aubrys from Indonesia, 1985.

Royal Pulp Playing Cards 2015

Royal Pulp Playing Cards

Two beautifully crafted custom playing cards decks. Featuring brightly colored illustrations and gorgeous typography.

Spirit Playing Cards 2015

Spirit Playing Cards

Standard court cards show the king, queen and jack looking sideways and diagonal; these elegant Spirit playing cards show the court characters front-facing.

The Simpsons Playing Cards 2014

The Simpsons Playing Cards

These Simpsons playing cards were created for a t-shirt competition. Each card representing a member of the Simpsons family.

Wayang Bridge Cards 1981

Wayang Bridge Cards

Traditional Wayang puppet theatre characters from Indonesia.