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The first reliable evidence that playing cards were being used in Italy is from 1376, when a game called 'naibbe' is forbidden in a decree, with the implication that the game had only recently been introduced there.

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Adolfo Matarelli Transformation 1860

Adolfo Matarelli Transformation

Matarelli was a well known caricaturist who first illustrated Carlo Collodi's famous Pinocchio story. He was also a collaborator in the satirical magazine “Il Lampione”, founded by Collodi.

Agostino Bergallo

Agostino Bergallo

Agostino Bergallo Spanish pattern made for South American countries

Alessandro Manzoni Centenary 1973

Alessandro Manzoni Centenary

Issued to mark the centenary of the death of Alessandro Manzoni, one of Italy’s greatest writers.

Alice in Wonderland by Jesús Blasco 2003

Alice in Wonderland by Jesús Blasco

Alice with artwork by Jesús Blasco, published by Lo Scarabeo, 2003.



Alitalia advertising deck produced by Premier Portfolio International Ltd.

Art Nouveau Oracle 2007

Art Nouveau Oracle

A Lenormand-type fortune-telling pack in the Art Nouveau style.

Art Nouveau playing cards from Italy 1910

Art Nouveau playing cards from Italy

from the Armanino factory in Genoa

Austrian Lloyd Steamship Company 1895

Austrian Lloyd Steamship Company

Possibly one of the most beautiful decks produced for commercial purposes, this was printed by Modiano for the Austrian Lloyd Steamship Company of Trieste in c.1895

Baracca & Burattini 1990

Baracca & Burattini

Baracca & Burattini puppetry deck printed by Dal Negro, 1998.

Baudelaire playing card collection 2004

Baudelaire playing card collection

Baudelaire playing card collection illustrated by Alméry Lobel-Riche and published by Lo Scarabeo in 2004.

Bergamasche Pattern

Bergamasche Pattern

Bergamasche Pattern by Modiano, 1970s.

Bicentenario della Rivoluzione Francese 1989

Bicentenario della Rivoluzione Francese

Bicentenary of the French Revolution pack produced by Vannini, Florence, Italy, 1989.

Bolognese pattern 1906

Bolognese pattern

Standard Bolognese pattern pack by Murari of Bari.

Bolzani e Spagnolo 1977

Bolzani e Spagnolo

Stylish monochrome designs by the Archinstudio of Guido Bolzani and Gian-Piero Spagnolo, printed by Masenghini, Bergamo, Italy, 1977.

Brescia pattern

Brescia pattern

The Brescia pattern contains elements which come from a past age.

Burgdorf Abschreckhärtetechnik 1981

Burgdorf Abschreckhärtetechnik

Promotional pack for a German steel hardening business, with designs by Costante Costantini.

Calcio Storico Fiorentino 1978

Calcio Storico Fiorentino

‘Calcio Storico Fiorentino’ by Costante Costantini is based on an early form of football that originated during the Middle Ages in Italy.

Carte Bolognesi 2023

Carte Bolognesi

New designs reinforcing Bologna’s reputation as the gastronomic capital of Italy.

Carte da gioco anticomuniste del Comitato civico 1951

Carte da gioco anticomuniste del Comitato civico

Anti-Communist propaganda pack with satirical designs by Benito Jacovitti.

Carte da Gioco Mongolfiere 2000

Carte da Gioco Mongolfiere

Various hot-air balloons on a pack from a small Florentine publisher.