Bergamasche Pattern

details from Bergamasche pattern by Modiano, 1970s

The Bergamasche pattern is an Italian-suited pattern related to the earlier Bresciane and Trentine patterns. It is double-ended, used in the city of Bergamo. The Jack of Swords holds the hilt of a second sword hinting at its derivation from an earlier, full-length design. Several numeral cards have decorative vignettes, also derived from earlier cultural influences. The ace of cups has a cupid, and the ace of batons has the legend "VINCERAI". The ace of coins is reserved for the tax stamp (discontinued since 1972). See the Box

Bergamasche pattern by Modiano, 1970s Bergamasche pattern by Modiano, 1970s

Above: Bergamasche pattern by Modiano, 1970s. Many numeral cards have decorative vignettes which derive from earlier cultural influences. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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