Baracca & Burattini

Baracca & Burattini puppetry deck illustrated with the puppets of Dimmo Menozzi and Otello Sarzi. See the Extra Card

Baracca & Burattini is a travelling wooden Puppet Show which tours around Italy entertaining both children and adults with its mix of satire and fairy tales. The Puppet Master was Dimmo Menozzi whose mother was the last of the famous Sarzi dynasty of puppeteers. Unfortunately Dimmo died last year (2020) at 74 years old. He leaves two daughters and five grandchildren. I hope the puppet tradition will continue in the family.

Baracca & Burattini puppetry deck printed by Dal Negro, 1998 Baracca & Burattini puppetry deck printed by Dal Negro, 1998

Above: Baracca & Burattini puppetry deck, sponsored by La Società del Sandrone, produced by Iperteam Software Services (Modena) and printed by Dal Negro, 1998. 52 cards + 2 Jokers + extra card in box, 2500 copies.

Dimmo Menozzi
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