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The first reliable evidence that playing cards were being used in Italy is from 1376, when a game called 'naibbe' is forbidden in a decree, with the implication that the game had only recently been introduced there.

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Fernando Valenti 1986

Fernando Valenti

Designs by Italian artist Fernando Valenti issued to coincide with an exhibition of his work in 1986.

Florentine Pattern

Florentine Pattern

Originally one of several designs which emerged during the nineteenth century, the Florentine pattern has several distinctive features.

Florentine pattern variant 1870

Florentine pattern variant

Non-standard designs by Chiari of Florence with some of the features of a traditional Florentine pattern pack.

Genovesi Pattern

Genovesi Pattern

Genoese pattern from Italy.

Giochi di Corte 1991

Giochi di Corte

“Giochi di Corte” designed by Vito Thümmel and published by Cambissa of Trieste in 1991.

Giuseppe Cattino

Giuseppe Cattino

Playing cards manufactured in Italy by Giuseppe Cattino and Paolo Montanar for Spanish markets.

Gó Succo

Gó Succo

Gó Succo fruit juice promotion deck featuring Walt Disney cartoons.

Gruppo Perotti playing cards 1979

Gruppo Perotti playing cards

Stunningly beautiful designs by the Japanese artist Tiger Tateishi for Gruppo Perotti.

Gumppenberg of Milan 1830

Gumppenberg of Milan

Fine playing cards made by Gumppenberg of Milan evoking the style of antiquity, c.1830

Hand-Painted Tarocchi Cards 1500

Hand-Painted Tarocchi Cards

Hand-painted Tarocchi cards sometimes known as ‘Charles VI tarot’, North Italy, 1475-1500.

Hermanos Solesio

Hermanos Solesio

“Money Bag” pattern by Hermanos Solesi, late 18th c.

History of Flight 2003

History of Flight

“History of Aviation” playing cards published by Lo Scarabeo (2003) in which every card carries a painting representing an aspect of the history of powered flight.

Hot-Air Balloons & Co. 2006

Hot-Air Balloons & Co.

Hot-air balloons and airships from the early days to 1988, with designs by S. Baraldi and F. Tacconi.

I Gatti Originali di Evelyne Nicod 1985

I Gatti Originali di Evelyne Nicod

Etchings of cats on a set of major arcana created by Evelyne Nicod.

I Tarocchi del Buongustaio 1996

I Tarocchi del Buongustaio

A less-than-serious set of major arcana on a gourmet theme, with designs by Cosimo Musio.

I Tarocchi del Cinema (di Sesar) 1995

I Tarocchi del Cinema (di Sesar)

A set of Tarot trumps on the subject of the cinema, with designs by Sergio Sarri.

I Trionfi d’Amore 1978

I Trionfi d’Amore

Tarot trumps designed by Juan Ballesta and inspired by 1970s pop culture, promoting Baci chocolates.

Il Circo 2004

Il Circo

Il Circo illustrated by Jules Garnier, published by Lo Scarabeo, 2004.

Il Destino Svelato Dal Tarocco 1912

Il Destino Svelato Dal Tarocco

The Cagliostro Tarot was first published in 1912 as “Il Destino Svelato Dal Tarocco”.

Il Mercante in Fiera del Solleone 1986

Il Mercante in Fiera del Solleone

Traditional Italian card game with bold designs by Costante Costantini.