Giuseppe Cattino

Giuseppe Cattino, Pavol Montanar...

...and other 18th & 19th century Italian manufacturers

Single playing cards manufactured in Italy by Giuseppe Cattino, Paolo Montanar and others, from the 18th and 19th centuries, which have been discovered in Chile, attesting to the longstanding tradition of Italian playing cards being exported to South American markets.

See alsoPedro Bosio   Agostino Bergallo.

various 18th century Italian playing cards, Giuseppe Cattino, Paulo Montanar

Above: Spanish-suited cards made in Italy which have been discovered in Chile. The cards are mostly of the Spanish ‘National’ pattern design, except the card at bottom right, dated 1807, with is of the Spanish ‘Paris’ pattern and may have been produced in France for export to South America.

Spanish National Pattern, Italy

Above: cards of a similar style and date, with the initials A.G. inside a six-pointed star on the Four of Coins. The Five of Coins has the traditional facing profiles of Ferdinand and Isabella. The cards were found mixed with cards by Agostino Bergallo.

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