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Swedish cards have characteristics in common with their Scandinavian neighbours

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‘501’ playing cards by Alf Cooke 1960

‘501’ playing cards by Alf Cooke

“Five 'o One” playing cards, a version of the Dondorf Rhineland pattern, manufactured by Universal Playing Card Co. Ltd for export to Scandinavia.

Absolut Deck 2005

Absolut Deck

Promotional deck published for Absolut Vodka in Sweden.

Åkerlund & Rausing

Åkerlund & Rausing

Swedish style pack by Åkerlund & Rausing, Stockholm, 1931-1937

Einar Nerman Patience 1924

Einar Nerman Patience

Einar Nerman (1888–1983) was a talented Swedish artist born in Norrköping who designed playing cards during the 1920s.

Football playing cards 2004

Football playing cards

52 different legends from the world of football.

Four Centuries

Four Centuries

“Four Centuries” playing cards by Esselte Öbergs with court cards depicted as caricatures from different historical periods.

Granbergs No.101 Standardkort 1924

Granbergs No.101 Standardkort

Olle Hjortzberg (1872-1959) designed these playing cards for Granbergs AB in c.1924 in ‘Art Nouveau’ style.

Grand Prix Champions 2002

Grand Prix Champions

“Grand Prix Champions” printed by Offason.

Jacob Bagges AB

Jacob Bagges AB

Playing cards published by Jacob Bagges AB Stockholm, close copies of Dondorf designs.

Jazz Legends playing cards 2007

Jazz Legends playing cards

52 different photographs of famous jazz musicians.



‘Kille’, an old Swedish card game

Löjliga Spel Kort

Löjliga Spel Kort

Facsimile edition of “Löjliga Spel Kort” (1825) illustrated playing cards from Sweden, showing scenes from Fredman‘s Epistles and Songs

Majas Alfabets Spel

Majas Alfabets Spel

Majas Alfabets Spel beautifully illustrated by Lena Andersson, 1980s.

Moviestars 2002


Moviestars from the golden age of cinema by Offason AB of Sweden, c.2002.

No. 17 (Bicycle®) playing cards 2015

No. 17 (Bicycle®) playing cards

No. 17 playing cards designed by Lorenzo Gaggiotti, Sweden, 2015.

Öbergs ‘Comedia’ 1958

Öbergs ‘Comedia’

Öbergs “Comedia” playing cards designed by Stig Lindberg from Sweden, c.1958

Öbergs ‘Svenska Lloyd’

Öbergs ‘Svenska Lloyd’

‘Svenska Lloyd’ shipping company playing cards published by J.O. Öberg & Son, Eskilstuna, c.1955.

Offason “Beau” 1990

Offason “Beau”

Offason AB “Beau” playing cards designed by Åke Arenhill from Sweden, c.1990.

Olsen Smygvänliga

Olsen Smygvänliga

Olsen Spelkort Smygvänliga - Swedish pattern made by F.X. Schmid for Olsen

Politisk Tarot 1997

Politisk Tarot

Swedish politicians caricatured by Dan Glimne in a set of Tarot trumps.