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Playing cards first arrived in England during the 15th century, but none have survived from such an early date.

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Uback 1922


Uback horse racing game patent specification, Chad Valley Co Ltd, 1922.

Under the Sea 2005

Under the Sea

“Under the Sea” transformation playing cards, published in 2005 to raise money for the Marine Stewardship Council, an environmental charity which promotes sustainable fishing practices.

Union Jack

Union Jack

Union Jack card game published by C.W. Faulkner & Co., c.1897-1902.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Playing cards first arrived in England during the 15th century, but none have survived from such an early date.

Universe No.100 playing cards 1933

Universe No.100 playing cards

Universe No.100 playing cards made by The Universal Playing Card Co. Ltd, Leeds, for Scandinavian countries.

University of Essex 2005

University of Essex

A deck of cards produced for the University of Essex in around 2005-2006.

Ups & Downs 1885

Ups & Downs

Ups and Downs humorous card game published in UK by A. N. Myers, c.1885.

Vac-tric Electric Vacuum Cleaners 1930

Vac-tric Electric Vacuum Cleaners

Vac-tric Electric Vacuum Cleaner playing cards manufactured by De la Rue, 1930s.

Vacuation 1940


“Vacuation” published by Pepys games, based on the evacuation of children to Reception Areas in the countryside during WW2, c.1939-40.

Valentine’s Games

Valentine’s Games

Valentine & Sons Ltd, Dundee & London, were greeting card and book publishers who also produced playing cards and party games during the early 20th century.

Vanity Fair 1868-1914 1995

Vanity Fair 1868-1914

Vanity Fair 1868-1914 playing cards published by Billy Bembo, United Kingdom, 1995.

Versus playing cards 2010

Versus playing cards

Versus collaborative art playing cards vol.1 & 2, United Kingdom, 2010-2011.

Vesalius Anatomy Card Game 2014

Vesalius Anatomy Card Game

Celebrating the work of Andreas Vesalius in the quincentenary year of his birth.

Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897

Victoria Diamond Jubilee

Playing cards commemorating Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, manufactured by Chas Goodall & Son, 1897.

Victory 1940


“Victory” by Pepys Games, a splendid game with caricatures of British and German leaders, published in 1940.

Victory Snap 1941

Victory Snap

Wartime Snap, a memoir of past times, c.1941.

Volvo playing cards 1995

Volvo playing cards

Celebrating 50 years of innovation in Volvo car design.

W. H. Willis & Co

W. H. Willis & Co

Willis & Company was formed in 1869, having been preceded by Charles Steer at the same address (80 Long Acre, London), who also manufactured playing cards during the 1850s and 60s.

Waddington’s “Envoy“ Series

Waddington’s “Envoy“ Series

Waddington’s “Envoy“ Series.

Waddington’s “Flying” Series, 1933

Waddington’s “Flying” Series, 1933

Waddington’s “Flying” Series, 1933.