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101 Dalmatas 1995

101 Dalmatas

101 Dalmatas by Naipes Fournier, 1995,

4: Some Card Games

4: Some Card Games

Yet another strand of the playing card world is that of card games, packs of cards usually designed to play just one game. The commonest are Happy Families and similar collecting games, and Snap, but the variety is as great as in ordinary playing cards.

8-Bit Mafia and 8-Bit Werewolf 2014

8-Bit Mafia and 8-Bit Werewolf

This pack created by Michael Scott has been inspired by retro 8-bit pixel games from the 80s and 90s.

A Goofy Movie 1996

A Goofy Movie

A Goofy Movie card game published by Heraclio Fournier, 1996.

A Royal Game 1896

A Royal Game

A Royal Game featuring Queen Victoria’s children and extended family, published by A. Collier, London, c.1896.

Abbatt Animal Families

Abbatt Animal Families

Abbatt Toys Animal Families, c.1970.

Adverto 1910


Adverto card game published by Adverto Publishing Company of Stratford, London, c.1910.



“Alibi” the thrilling card game by Haytor, Tor Productions, 1930s.

Alice in Wonderland (Thomas De la Rue version) 1900

Alice in Wonderland (Thomas De la Rue version)

Alice in Wonderland card game based on original designs by Sir John Tenniel published by Thomas De la Rue & Co. Ltd, c.1900

Alice in Wonderland Card Game 1952

Alice in Wonderland Card Game

Alice card game published by Pepys in 1952, based on the Walt Disney film “Alice in Wonderland”.

Alice in Wonderland Snap 1925

Alice in Wonderland Snap

Alice in Wonderland “Snap” 1 penny game from 1920s or 30s, made in Germany, anonymous manufacturer.

Alphabetti Spaghetti 1978

Alphabetti Spaghetti

Alphabetti Spaghetti Happy Families game for Crosse & Blackwell c.1978.

Alternative Happy Families 1985

Alternative Happy Families

An updated, 1980s-style “Alternative Happy Families” game.

Amos del Universo 1980

Amos del Universo

“Amos del Universo” card game published by Litografía Goicochea Hnos, S.A., Lima, Peru, c.1980.

Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider 1954

Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider

‘History of fashion’ cultural quartet game designed by Erika Werner-Nestler, 1954.

Angry Birds UNO 2003

Angry Birds UNO

Angry Birds UNO manufactured in China, 2003.

Animal Grab

Animal Grab

Animal Grab card game by Thomas De La Rue & Co., 110 Bunhill Row, London..

Animal Misfitz 1900

Animal Misfitz

Animal Misfitz designed by George Lambert for Faulkner Games, c.1900.

Animal Rummy 1951

Animal Rummy

Animal Rummy by Whitman Publishing Co., 1951.

Animal Rummy 1960

Animal Rummy

Animal Rummy by Warren Paper Products, c.1960s.