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Clifford ‘Donkey’ card game 1948

Clifford ‘Donkey’ card game

Clifford ‘Donkey’ card game, c.1948.

EPCS Febuary 1988 Newsletter

EPCS Febuary 1988 Newsletter Members Only

Queen Mary • Healthguard Underwear • Newmarket Multum in Parvo Company • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Part 5) Joseph Hunt & Sons London • Woolley Card Games: OLD MAID and SNAP • Rhymes about Royalty or The Comical Court Cards (Part 3) • KAN-YOU-GO-AGAIN • Not a Lotta Bottle!! • Metropolitan Vickers Lamps • London's Loyal Volunteers: 450th Anniversary of HAC, PANKO, Votes for Women • Waddington pack with no borders to Court Cards • The Big Baang! • Walt Disney Anniversaries • Non-Standard Jokers.

Highway Travel 1960

Highway Travel

Highway Travel card game by Warren Paper Products, c.1960s.

Lion Coffee

Lion Coffee

Lion Coffee Mother Goose card game, late 19th C.

Merry Game of Old Maid 1880

Merry Game of Old Maid

The Merry Game of Old Maid published by McLoughlin Brothers, c.1880s.

Mother Goose’s Party, or Merry Game of Old Maid 1887

Mother Goose’s Party, or Merry Game of Old Maid

Mother Goose’s Party, or Merry Game of Old Maid, McLoughlin Bros., Inc., USA, 1887.

Old Bachelor™ 1994

Old Bachelor™

The 90’s version of Old Maid with illustrations by Susan Wise.

Old Maid 1951

Old Maid

Old Maid card game by Whitman Publishing Co., 1951.

Old Maid 1960

Old Maid

Old Maid card game by Built-Rite toys, Warren Paper Products, Co., c.1960.

Old Maid 1950

Old Maid

“Old Maid” card game manufactured by Chad Valley Co Ltd, mid-1950s.

Old Maid 1920

Old Maid

‘Old Maid’ card game manufactured by Milton Bradley Co., Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, c.1920s

Old Maid

Old Maid

Old Maid by Clifford Toys

Old Maid No.5862

Old Maid No.5862

Tower Press Old Maid No.5862.

Roberts Brothers Ltd, Gloucester 1920

Roberts Brothers Ltd, Gloucester

Roberts Brothers Ltd, Gloucester (Glevum Brand) ‘Old Maid’ card game, 1920s.

Royal Old Maid Game 1890

Royal Old Maid Game

This antique card game features English kings and queens from William the Conqueror to Queen Victoria, along with their spouses or consorts.

Space Age Game of Old Maid 1965

Space Age Game of Old Maid

The ‘Space Age Game of Old Maid’ published by Russell Manufacturing Company, Leicester, Massachusetts, USA, c.1965.

Spear’s Old Maid

Spear’s Old Maid

Spear’s “The Jolly Game of Old Maid” was introduced around 1900. The cards contain some interesting but harmless social stereotypes from the end of the Victorian era.

Spin & Old Maid 1893

Spin & Old Maid

Lovely Victorian family card game with illustrations by the famous humorous artist, cartoonist and illustrator Richard Doyle (1824-1883)

The Game of “Old Maid” 1910

The Game of “Old Maid”

Two different editions of “The Game of Old Maid” by the Chad Valley Games Co.

Tower Press children’s card games

Tower Press children’s card games

A series of card games for children published by Tower Press during the 1950s which evoke the optimism and love of fun of that era.