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Albert Heijn’s Boffie Kwartetspel 1936

Albert Heijn’s Boffie Kwartetspel

The “Boffie” Kwartetspel was designed by Huibert Vet and published by Albert Heijn in 1936

Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider 1954

Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider

‘History of fashion’ cultural quartet game designed by Erika Werner-Nestler, 1954.

Animals Quartet printed for Cigarrillos El Figaro, Peru

Animals Quartet printed for Cigarrillos El Figaro, Peru

Animals Quartet game printed for Cigarrillos El Figaro, Peru, early 1900s.

Asperge Kwartet

Asperge Kwartet

Asperge Kwartet published by Knorr.

Asterix Abenteuer 1989

Asterix Abenteuer

Asterix Adventure quartet game by ASS, 1989.

Authors 1951


Authors quartet game published by Whitman Publishing Co., 1951.

Beesten Kwartet 1995

Beesten Kwartet

Beesten Kwartet designed by Peter Vos. Published by Thomas Rap of Amsterdam, 1995.

Bible Game 1899

Bible Game

“Fireside Bible Game” (No.1124) published by The Fireside Game Co., Cincinnati, USA, 1899.

BMW Promo Top Trumps 2012

BMW Promo Top Trumps

BMW Promo Top Trumps produced as a promotion for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Bodegas Trapiche 1998

Bodegas Trapiche

Promotional playing cards produced for Bodegas Trapiche, designed to play Quartet games by collecting a wine bottle card with four matching glasses.

Boekenkwartet 1970


Boekenkwartet featuring illustrations from children's books, 1970s.

Botany Quartetts 1860

Botany Quartetts

Botany card game published by Houlston and Wright & Henry Greenwood, c.1860.

Card games by Joker S.A.

Card games by Joker S.A.

Joker S.A.I.C. produce a range including children's card games, tarot cards and advertising decks, alongside their standard Spanish-suited and Anglo-American playing cards.

Castles Quartet

Castles Quartet

“Castles” Quartet Illustrated by Vladimir Kovářík.



This “Jeu de Familles” from the 1960s designed by Jean Bachès promotes Chambord glassware.

Characters from Charles Dickens 1880

Characters from Charles Dickens

“Characters from Charles Dickens” card game published by Jaques & Son, c.1880.

Chief Cities Quartettes

Chief Cities Quartettes

Hand-made ‘Chief Cities Quartettes’ card game, c.1910.

CROMY card games Argentina - AIRWOLF

CROMY card games Argentina - AIRWOLF

CROMY card games Argentina - AIRWOLF

Das Lustige Familien Quartett 1930

Das Lustige Familien Quartett

“Das Lustige Familien Quartett” published by Eugen Schmidt K.G., Dresden, c.1930s

Deutsche Geschichte 1935

Deutsche Geschichte

German History Quartet published by Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg, c.1930-35.