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These packs feature imagery inspired by chocolate that frequently serve as advertising for chocolate manufacturers and confectionery companies, often featuring their logos, slogans and other marketing messages.

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Baraja Taurina by Simeon Durá, c.1916 1916

Baraja Taurina by Simeon Durá, c.1916

Baraja Taurina manufactured by Simeon Durá (Valencia) for Chocolate Angelical, first published in 1916.

Cadbury Heritage Collection 1998

Cadbury Heritage Collection

Cadbury Heritage Collection playing cards, United Kingdom, 1998.

Children’s Vocabulary Cards 2016

Children’s Vocabulary Cards

Thai Children’s Colour Vocabulary Cards promoting Ovaltine chocolate malt drink, 2016.

Chocolat du Planteur 1900

Chocolat du Planteur

Chocolat du Planteur cards (reproduction) by French artist Louis Bourgeois-Borgex, c.1900.

Chocolate playing cards with scenes from World War 1 1920

Chocolate playing cards with scenes from World War 1

An extraordinary Spanish pack of chocolate advertising playing cards dating from 1920.

Chocolondo by Famosa

Chocolondo by Famosa

Chocolondo Waffle deck for Famosa.

Domino Cinematográfico 1925

Domino Cinematográfico

“Domino Cinematográfico” published by Talleres Gráficos Irández, Barcelona, c.1925.

EPCS February 1999 Newsletter

EPCS February 1999 Newsletter Members Only

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Glico Almond Chocolate 1967

Glico Almond Chocolate

Glico Almond Chocolate playing cards with designs by Izumi Tamai, produced by Nintendo, Japan.

I Trionfi d’Amore 1978

I Trionfi d’Amore

Tarot trumps designed by Juan Ballesta and inspired by 1970s pop culture, promoting Baci chocolates.

Litografías Industrias Madriguera 1896

Litografías Industrias Madriguera

Pictorial trade cards were becoming popular throughout Europe so that tea, tobacco, chocolate or even beef extract were the commodities most associated with beautifully lithographed insert cards.

Miniature Disney deck

Miniature Disney deck

Mickey Mouse card game is part of a promotion for Rübezahl Schokoladen GmbH (Germany).

Nestlé Happy Families 1935

Nestlé Happy Families

‘Happy Families’ published by Nestlé in 1935.

Periquito y Tontín Dominoes 1920

Periquito y Tontín Dominoes

Periquito y Tontín Dominoes, featuring Feliz and Bonzo, 1920s.

Spanish Historical Characters playing cards, c.1896 1896

Spanish Historical Characters playing cards, c.1896

Cards from the Spanish Historical Characters playing cards set printed by Litografía Madriguera (Barcelona), c.1896, which were inserted into packets of chocolate.

Suchard chocolate miniature playing cards 1910

Suchard chocolate miniature playing cards

A miniature pack of playing cards advertising Suchard chocolate and cocoa made in the early 1900's.

Yowie 1999


Yowie Game Cards, a promotional item supplied by Cadbury Ltd and published by Kidcorp, c.1999.