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Educational Playing Cards

Many packs are instructive or educational and designed to facilitate learning rather than just for play. Educational playing cards are a great way to learn new facts, or to review information that you already know. When the design of the illustrations is appropriate and amusing this helps to engage the imagination in the topic which can then be memorised more easily.

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52 Chess Openings 2008

52 Chess Openings

52 chess openings published by SynHeme Inc., Canada.

52 Ways to talk about adoption

52 Ways to talk about adoption

‘52 Ways to talk about adoption’ family-centred playing cards produced by the Center for Adoption Support and Education, USA.

Aesop’s Fables 1759

Aesop’s Fables

Aesop’s Fables playing cards by I. Kirk, c.1759.

Ancient Egypt playing cards 2003

Ancient Egypt playing cards

Fully illustrated set of cards depicting various aspects of Ancient Egyptian life and culture.

Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider 1954

Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider

‘History of fashion’ cultural quartet game designed by Erika Werner-Nestler, 1954.

Animal Aid playing cards

Animal Aid playing cards

Animal Aid playing cards with anti-shooting cartoons created by Steve Hutton.

Anma US Armed Forces 1942

Anma US Armed Forces

Anma US Armed Forces, 1942.

Anno Mundi 1875

Anno Mundi

Anno Mundi: an early Jaques game described as ‘scripture recreation for the young’ with events in the Bible, c.1875.

Arms of English Peers 1686

Arms of English Peers

The Arms of English Peers playing cards were first published in 1686. Heraldry, or a knowledge of the arms and blazons of royalty was an important part of a respectable education.

Army Health Promotion 2011

Army Health Promotion

Health Promotion playing cards issued by the British Army with cartoons about army life and information on where to get health advice.

Atouts de la Vie 1940

Atouts de la Vie

“Atouts de la Vie” wartime card game created by Madame Lucien Willemetz, c.1940.

Bedeutende Erfindungen im Alltag 1979

Bedeutende Erfindungen im Alltag

‘Significant Inventions in Everyday Life’ quartet game published by Verlag für Lehrmittel, Pössneck, 1979.



Bio-Pack flashcards produced for Thai biology students

Botany Quartetts 1860

Botany Quartetts

Botany card game published by Houlston and Wright & Henry Greenwood, c.1860.

Caledonian Airways “European Phrases” 1994

Caledonian Airways “European Phrases”

“European Phrase” playing cards produced for Caledonian Airways, 1994.

Cards Eh! 2002

Cards Eh!

“Cards Eh!” playing cards with general information about Canada produced by JK Productions of Richmond, British Columbia in 2002.

Carte Méthodique 1982

Carte Méthodique

Reproduction of a French pack by François Silvestre intended to teach heraldry, produced in Paris in 1712.

Carte Osteologiche 1978

Carte Osteologiche

Skulls and bones of all descriptions have become the suits and pips in this 40-card pack from Italy.

Castles Quartet

Castles Quartet

“Castles” Quartet Illustrated by Vladimir Kovářík.

Cavalry Game

Cavalry Game

The “Cavalry Game” manufactured by Thomas de la Rue & Co Ltd, c.1900-10.