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Food & Cooking

A selection of recipes, diets, food items and advertising appearing on playing cards and educational card games over the decades.

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A Barribal variant for Christmas 1931

A Barribal variant for Christmas

Christmas gift with a difference, made by Waddington’s, Leeds, 1931.

Albert Heijn’s Boffie Kwartetspel 1936

Albert Heijn’s Boffie Kwartetspel

The “Boffie” Kwartetspel was designed by Huibert Vet and published by Albert Heijn in 1936

Alphabetti Spaghetti 1978

Alphabetti Spaghetti

Alphabetti Spaghetti Happy Families game for Crosse & Blackwell c.1978.

Asperge Kwartet

Asperge Kwartet

Asperge Kwartet published by Knorr.

Bahía Graf, printers, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bahía Graf, printers, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A pack specially designed for a sandwich bar and cake shop. The jokers show a pile of sandwiches.

Bahlsen Skat 1995

Bahlsen Skat

Publicity pack for a German food company, featuring some of their products.

Bankunión playing cards 1981

Bankunión playing cards

Ingredients and recipes for 24 dishes from different regions of Spain.

Bar Nightjar 2018

Bar Nightjar

Nightjar, a destination for discerning drinkers to meet, linger and relax.

Baraja de la Cocina Española 2019

Baraja de la Cocina Española

A celebration of Spanish gastronomy, with designs by Silja Götz employing non-standard suits.

Bischofszell 1987


Advertising pack for the food producer Bischofszell, designed by Heinz Looser-Brenner, with non-standard suits.

Blue Brand Snap Up 1920

Blue Brand Snap Up

Blue Brand Snap Up published by Van den Berghs probably late 1920s.

Cadbury Heritage Collection 1998

Cadbury Heritage Collection

Cadbury Heritage Collection playing cards, United Kingdom, 1998.

Carte Bolognesi 2023

Carte Bolognesi

New designs reinforcing Bologna’s reputation as the gastronomic capital of Italy.

Chocolate playing cards with scenes from World War 1 1920

Chocolate playing cards with scenes from World War 1

An extraordinary Spanish pack of chocolate advertising playing cards dating from 1920.

Club Soft Drinks 1980

Club Soft Drinks

Promotional pack for Club soft drinks with amusing illustrations of different kinds of ‘club’.

Cow & Gate ‘Snap’ 1935

Cow & Gate ‘Snap’

Cow & Gate ‘Snap’ featuring Cow & Gate Baby Milk Food, 1935.

Cow & Gate Happy Family Game 1928

Cow & Gate Happy Family Game

Cow and Gate Happy Family game was issued around 1928 to promote nutrition products.

Deutsche Nutzpflanzen 1938

Deutsche Nutzpflanzen

Deutsche Nutzpflanzen - Quartett game promoting Kali brand crop fertilizer, 1938.

Domestic Economy 1899

Domestic Economy

Domestic Economy published by Faulkner & Co, c.1899.