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EPCS August 1995 Newsletter

EPCS August 1995 Newsletter Members Only

Peace and Liberation VJ DAY 1945-1995 • John Jaques & Son 1795-1995 Bicentenary • WWII • Royals • Guinness • Bank of England • Snap • W.H. Willis • Battleships • Musical • Battle of Waterloo • R.J. Mitchell • Hignett Bros Cigarettes • John Dewar • Shakespearean

EPCS August 1997 Newsletter

EPCS August 1997 Newsletter Members Only

Dark and Dastardly Dartmoor • When the Devil holds the trump card • Caught in a Trap • Thomas Gainsborough • Happy Families in Dartmouth • Globe Trotting • KAN-U-GO • John Newman Colour Cards • Dan Leno Snap • Golfing • Fishing Cartoons • Art of Nature • Express Monopoly • Enid Blvton's Centenary Year • Non Standard Packs (Part 18) The Cabinet Pack

EPCS February 1997 Newsletter

EPCS February 1997 Newsletter Members Only

Transformation • John Leighton - Goodall's Owen Jones • Alfred Bird • Worshipful Pack 1996 • Prince of Wales' visit to India • De La Rue Walt Disney Packs • Heritage Toy & Games • Hammer Films • Waddingtons • Flora • C.W. Faulkner • Gaelcarta • Perry • Isle or Man Part 9 • WWII • Irish Historic Set

EPCS March 1984 Newsletter

EPCS March 1984 Newsletter Members Only

The King of Clubs • Bancks Bros. Card Maker's Bond 1855 • Why do we call a Spade a Spade? • Exportation Ace 1828-1862 • Shakespeare as a Theme • Pneumatic Cards

Historic Shakespeare 1893

Historic Shakespeare

Historic Shakespeare with courts featuring Shakespearean characters, Chas Goodall & Son.

Romeo and Juliet playing cards 2016

Romeo and Juliet playing cards

Romeo and Juliet playing cards illustrated by Belgian artist Virginie Carquin 2016.

San Paolo Shakespeare 1978

San Paolo Shakespeare

San Paolo Shakespeare, Italy, 1978

Shakespeare 300th Anniversary 1864

Shakespeare 300th Anniversary

Shakespeare 300th Anniversary playing cards designed by John Leighton (1822-1912).

Shakespeare by Piatnik 1967

Shakespeare by Piatnik

‘Shakespeare’ playing cards by Piatnik designed by the British actor Donald Burton.

Shakespeare finely illustrated playing cards

Shakespeare finely illustrated playing cards

Shakespeare playing cards with illustrations by Sir John Gilbert RA, United Kingdom.

Shakespeare Playing Cards 2023

Shakespeare Playing Cards

Kickstarter-funded modern remake of the 1902 classic pack, perfect for Shakespeare (1564-1616) and literature fans.

Shakespeare Playing Cards 1895

Shakespeare Playing Cards

Shakespeare Playing Cards pack published in the 1890s with original paintings are by John H. Bacon.

Shakespeare playing cards: Insults 2005

Shakespeare playing cards: Insults

Shakespeare Insults playing cards with portraits by Jan Padover, USA, 2005.

Shakespeare playing cards: Quotes 2004

Shakespeare playing cards: Quotes

Shakespeare playing cards: Quotes, the first volume of a double set published by Prospero Art of San Francisco, 2004.

Shakespearean 1932


Shakespearean Playing Cards designed by Frederick Colin Tilney, made by John Waddington Limited, 1932-3.

Shakespearian Misfitz 1907

Shakespearian Misfitz

C. W. Faulkner’s “Shakespearian Misfitz” designed by George Lambert and published around 1907/08 showing famous characters from Shakespeare.

The Seven Ages of Man 2007

The Seven Ages of Man

Original paintings by Jane Daniell depicting characters from Shakespeare’s plays.