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Souvenir Playing Cards

Souvenir Playing Cards

Tourist souvenir playing cards depict the aesthetic, political, social and economic conceptions of the countries to which they belong. They feature beauty spots, local customs, gastronomy, historic ruins or other attractions.

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Treasures of the Russian Museum

Treasures of the Russian Museum

Treasures of the Russian Museum / Russkii Muzei : suvenirnye igral’nye karty.

Trinidad Carnival Playing Cards 1995

Trinidad Carnival Playing Cards

“Allfours Carnival Playing Cards” designed by Gabby Woodham, Trinidad, 1995

Ukrainian souvenir playing cards 2012

Ukrainian souvenir playing cards

Ukrains’ki karti gral’ni suvenirni / Ukrainian souvenir playing cards designed by Andrii Letn’ov, c.2012.

Venezuela Baraja Turística 1980

Venezuela Baraja Turística

Venezuela Souvenir deck by Heraclio Fournier, c.1980s.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

One of a series of sumptuous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express playing cards produced by B.P. Grimaud for the VSOE gift collection. The 3/4 length court cards depict people in Oriental costumes.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Playing Cards 1984

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Playing Cards

The images for the cards were inspired by the typical passengers who traveled in luxury style in the 1920s and 30s.

Vic Joc de Cartes 1990

Vic Joc de Cartes

Vic Joc de Cartes, happy families quartet game, 1990.

Views from Norway 1990

Views from Norway

“54 Views from Norway” souvenir playing cards published by Normanns Kunstforlag A/S, c.1990s.

Views of Ireland 1955

Views of Ireland

Selected views of Ireland Souvenir playing cards published by the Irish Tourist Association, 1950s

Views of Luxembourg 2005

Views of Luxembourg

53 different scenic views of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Views of New Zealand 1960

Views of New Zealand

Views of New Zealand published by G.B.Scott Souvenirs, Auckland, c.1960.

Vintage skyscraper playing cards 2005

Vintage skyscraper playing cards

Vintage skyscraper playing cards published by Inkstone Design, Inc., 2005.

Visite de Saint Tropez 1994

Visite de Saint Tropez

Souvenir pack with 54 different views of Saint Tropez.

Vistas de Lima 1910

Vistas de Lima

Souvenir of Peru playing cards made by Standard Playing Card Co., Chicago, c.1910

Vistas del Perú, c.1920s 1920

Vistas del Perú, c.1920s

Vistas del Perú souvenir deck, made in USA and imported by Edw. E. Muecke, Lima, Peru, c.1920s.

Vues de Monaco-Monte Carlo 1994

Vues de Monaco-Monte Carlo

Souvenir pack with 54 different views of Monaco, especially Monte Carlo.

Vues et Caractères Suisses No.228 1870

Vues et Caractères Suisses No.228

A Swiss souvenir pack by Dondorf

West Flanders Souvenir 1950

West Flanders Souvenir

West Flanders Souvenir pack manufactured in Belgium by Mesmaekers, c.1950.

Wild Life

Wild Life

World Wide Fund for Nature-India Playing Cards, featuring 53 different colour paintings of a variety of wildlife including birds, butterflies, mammals and reptiles.

World’s Fair Souvenir 1892

World’s Fair Souvenir

One of a series of Columbian Exposition Souvenir Playing Cards published during 1892-94 celebrating the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the Americas.