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Baracca & Burattini 1990

Baracca & Burattini

Baracca & Burattini puppetry deck printed by Dal Negro, 1998.

Brescia pattern

Brescia pattern

The Brescia pattern contains elements which come from a past age.

Carte Bolognesi 2023

Carte Bolognesi

New designs reinforcing Bologna’s reputation as the gastronomic capital of Italy.

Cities of Art - Naples

Cities of Art - Naples

Striking views of Naples, photography by Cesare Gerolimetto, produced by Dal Negro.

Dal Negro Bridge set

Dal Negro Bridge set

Dal Negro Bridge set featuring old Vienna pattern courts.

Fernando Valenti 1986

Fernando Valenti

Designs by Italian artist Fernando Valenti issued to coincide with an exhibition of his work in 1986.

Florentine Pattern

Florentine Pattern

Originally one of several designs which emerged during the nineteenth century, the Florentine pattern has several distinctive features.

Le Avventure di Pinocchio 1980

Le Avventure di Pinocchio

Avventure di Pinocchio by Dal Negro, based on Carlo Collodi’s famous 1883 novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio”.

Lo Zodiaco 1979

Lo Zodiaco

French-suited fortune-telling pack with distinctive designs by Italian artist Sergio Ruffolo.

Lombardy (or Milanesi) pattern

Lombardy (or Milanesi) pattern

The origins of the Lombardy pattern probably lie in the early 19th century when it was a full-length design. It has some affinities with the French Provence and Lyons patterns which are now obsolete.

Modet Sardegna 2005

Modet Sardegna

Costumes, masks and symbols from the island of Sardinia, with designs by Luciano Dettori and Tonino Caputo.

Tarocco Indovino 1979

Tarocco Indovino

Sergio Ruffolo’s “Tarocco Indovino” is an expanded version of his “Lo Zodiaco” cartomancy deck.

Trevisane pattern

Trevisane pattern

The double-ended version of the ‘Trevisane’ pattern originated in the early 19th century.