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Bavarian Pattern

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Bavaria pattern 1830

Bavaria pattern

Classic German-suited Bavarian pattern by Joseph Fetscher, Munich, early 19th century.

Bavarian pattern by Ernst Jegel

Bavarian pattern by Ernst Jegel

Bavarian pattern published by Ernst Jegel, Nuremberg, late 19th C.

Bohemian Pattern 1970

Bohemian Pattern

The Bohemian Pattern, sometimes called the Prager Pattern, has roots in the 16th century.

Conrad Jegel proof sheets

Conrad Jegel proof sheets

Two uncut German-suited proof sheets by Conrad Jegel, Nuremberg.

Fantasy Bavarian pack 1835

Fantasy Bavarian pack

An early Bavarian-style deck by Johann Conrad Jegel, Nürnberg, Germany , c.1835.

Later Bavarian Pattern 1937

Later Bavarian Pattern

Later Bavarian single-ended pattern by Vereinigte Altenburg-Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken A-G., c.1937

Miniature playing cards by Joseph Fetscher 1810

Miniature playing cards by Joseph Fetscher

Uncut sheet of miniature Bavarian playing cards by Joseph Fetscher.

Nordbräu Ingolstadt 1989

Nordbräu Ingolstadt

Publicity pack for the German brewery Nordbräu with Bavarian pattern courts (adapted).

Old Bavarian pattern 1780

Old Bavarian pattern

Uncut sheets of playing cards of the Old Bavarian pattern by Michael Schatzberger, Passau, c.1780.

Salzburger Pattern

Salzburger Pattern

Salzburger pattern by Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne, Vienna