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Luis Guarro, c.1920 1920

Luis Guarro, c.1920

Luis Guarro’s “El Caballo con Manta” Catalan pattern by Fabricantes de Naipes de España, c.1920.

Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern 1999

Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern

Mas-Reynals standard Catalan pattern comes in several slightly different versions.

Mesmaekers Spanish Pack, c.1875 1875

Mesmaekers Spanish Pack, c.1875

Mesmaekers Spanish Pack for export to Spanish colonies and South American countries, c.1875

Minifusor Clásico 1980

Minifusor Clásico

Minifusor Clásico, a modern re-drawing of the Catalan pattern published by Difusora, c.1980.

Naipe Cantaclaro

Naipe Cantaclaro

A colourful version of the Spanish Catalan pattern from Colombia, with a crowing cockerel on the 4 of cups.

Naipes ‘Baccarat’ 1980

Naipes ‘Baccarat’

An example of the typical version of the Spanish Catalan pattern which is widely used in South American countries, especially Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Naipes ‘Bambú’ 1950

Naipes ‘Bambú’

Naipes ‘Bambú’ manufactured by M.C. de Casabó Ltda, Montevideo, c.1950

Naipes ‘Jaque’ by Casabó S.A., c.1997 1997

Naipes ‘Jaque’ by Casabó S.A., c.1997

Naipes ‘Jaque’ Catalan pattern manufactured by Casabó S.A. for Laboratorios Gautier, c.1997.

Naipes ‘Retruco’

Naipes ‘Retruco’

Naipes ‘Retruco’ published by Fantasias S.A., Montevideo, c.1980.

Naipes Españoles “El Mexicano”

Naipes Españoles “El Mexicano”

Standard Catalan-type deck, titled "El Mexicano", by an anonymous Argentinean manufacturer, c.1980s.

Naipes Samsó N°2-S 1965

Naipes Samsó N°2-S

Naipes Samsó published by N.E.G.S.A. (Barcelona) c.1965.

Naipes Vencedor

Naipes Vencedor

Naipes Vencedor, manufactured in Paraguay by La Vencedora S.A, c.1985

Pou y Cía 1850

Pou y Cía

Catalan pattern made by Pou y Cía, Madrid c.1860.

RedElec 2008


Publicity playing cards for RedElec Argentina, c.2008

S. Giráldez, Barcelona 1905

S. Giráldez, Barcelona

Standard Spanish Catalan pattern playing cards by S. Giráldez, Barcelona, c.1905.

Sanmartí Catalan pattern 1895

Sanmartí Catalan pattern

Standard Catalan designs of the late 19th century by Sucesores de Viuda Sanmartí e Hijo, Barcelona.

Supermercados CHIP 1979

Supermercados CHIP

Supermercados CHIP playing cards manufactured in Uruguay by Compañía General de Fósforos Montevideana, 1979

Torras y Sanmartí 1830

Torras y Sanmartí

Torras y Sanmartí y Cía, Barcelona, 1830.

Wenceslao Guarro Catalan Pattern 1925

Wenceslao Guarro Catalan Pattern

Wenceslao Guarro ‘Escudo de Barcelona’ Catalan Pattern by Fabricantes de Naipes de España, c.1925.