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Published November 15, 2023 Updated May 25, 2024

Collectors’ Playing Cards for Sale

Some interesting playing cards for sale.

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I TRY TO PUT REASONABLE PRICES ON WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER; COMPARE THEM WITH eBAY AND OTHER INTERNET SELLERS. I change the items from time to time and remove some of the unsold ones; if you saw something on an earlier list and it's no longer there, it might be worth asking whether I still have it. For purchases, please contact me by e-mail:

Please note that POSTAGE is EXTRA.


The following are card boxes with no cards:

B1 Lacquer box with five internal compartments, c.1870-80, small chips to surface and discolouration to the lid, £40

B2 Nain-Jaune box with separable trays and coloured counters, dated in hand-writing as a birthday gift 7th August 1909, good condition, £58

B3 Unusual polished box with coromandel veneer, brass straps and agate inserts, brass key and lock, counters, markers and draughts (no board) inside and very unusual, removable oval gilded brass scoreboards for bézique and cribbage, by Betjeman of London, c.1870, excellent condition. Offers around £500.


1 Waddington for Wiggins Teape, the same figure for each suit (KD/QS/JH) in different colours, slogans on each ace, no box, c.1965, mint £16

2 Masenghini double box, copy of Goodall/De La Rue's prewar wide courts, c.2005, box, hardly used £6

3 Non-standard design for Talking Tables, all courts depict Victorian trapeze artists, double box with matching backs, one-way pip cards, odd arrangement on nines. Rule cards for five card games. Printed in China. c.2020 Mint £8

4 USPCC De Luxe, bridge width, (a) 1963; (b) different joker, 1966, excellent £2 each

5 Waddington for Star cigarettes, c.1938, no box, not joker, excellent £5

6 Grimaud/Simon reproduction of the Revolutionary Jeu de l'An 2, c.1980, box, unused £4

7 China for UK TV show 'Play your card right', Arrco courts, Bruce Forsyth on the backs, no box, no jokers, c.1995, VG £2

8 Gibson & Gisborne 32-card piquet pack, AS is A5a, die number 10, c.1790, excellent, little used £950

9 Grimaud poker, copy of USPCC courts, no box, Cowboy backs, c.1980, mint £3

10 China for Giffgaff phones, all courts are spade figures, different indices from the one I sold a while ago, box, excellent, c.2020 £4

11 Waddington for the Worshipful Company, 1951, no box, 53 cards, VG £10

12 Alf Cooke for Spear & Jackson tools, no box, one joker, c.1960, good £3

13 China bridge courts on wide cards, unusual indices, plain AS, box, 2010, mint £2

14 De La Rue for P&S Ltd, no collar on silhouette ace, no box, c.1964, Excellent £4

15 China for Terry O'Neill, USPCC heart courts used for all suits, plain AS, photos on back and box, 2011, mint £4

16 Waddington Laughing Cavalier from the Old Master series, design number 671, in unusually shaped side slide-in box, 1932-34, unused £10

17 Artex, Budapest, almost exact copy of Waddington's No.1 cards, including the jokers, no box, c.1955, coarse surface to the cards, but little used £5

18 Taiwan for Lagoon Games Casino Night, odd copy of USPCC poker courts in bridge size, upside down hearts in indices of KH & QH, box, c.2005, unused £2

19 Goodall Imperial Club (De La Rue printing) for the Worshipful Company, tax-wrapped, leather holder, probably 1935, but difficult to tell under the slight tear in the outer wrapper, mint £40

20 Stralsunder Saxon pattern, tax stamp on Daus of hearts, 9s and 10s have their numerals at the bottom the wrong way round (!), well used, one card stained £22

21 China for Robert Frederick, double box with games booklet, back designs from William Morris, 2007, mint £3

22 Carta Mundi or China for Guinness, oversize cards (9.7 x 6.7 cm) with standard wide courts. The AS and joker are designs used in China, but 'Carta Mundi' is printed in the foliage under the banderole, so it's difficult to be certain where they were made. Box, c.2015, mint £3

23 Waddington for Fenner drive belts, matching packs in leather folding case, one joker in each pack, c.1955, G+ £6

24 Offason Anglo Giant (90 x 127 mm), non-standard designs by Åke Arenhill pretending to be standard English, box, c.1990, mint £8

25 Goodall/De La Rue for the Worshipful Company, 1936, leather case, tax-wrapped, mint £40

26 Waddington barrel-shaped pack for William Mills, Wednesbury, no box, joker, c.1950, unused £4

27 Waddington for Arnott, Young & Co, one joker, no box, c.1952, VG, but creases on 2 pips and JH £2

28 Carta Mundi The Cartoonists' Pack featuring cartoons by Cookson, Mac, Heath & Keith Waite on every card, 1980, four jokers, box, mint £10

29 China for Ireland, unusual copy of US4 courts by USPCC with faces drawn in the style of modern US poker cards, c.1990, box, excellent £2

30 Russell, US, small celluloid pack for Charles Kirkby & Sons of Sheffield, box, c.1925, excellent, but slightly curled £8

31 24 English or Continental Lottery cards, well-dressed figure on each card, c.1800 or later, FG, three damaged corners £15

33 China SP The Lord of the Cards, all gold, metal finish, I Love Greece, bought in Crete, metallic box, 2019, mint £3

34 De La Rue's version of the named back "Good Night", c.1938. In this version the woman is wearing a see-through, red top; no box, good £8

35 Waddington for Gaymers, litho courts, no box, no joker, c.1980, VG £2

38 Probably China, good quality all-plastic poker pack with unusual AS design, plastic box, 2010, mint £5

39 Waddington for Shaw Savill Line, litho courts, box, c.1968, little used £4

40 Waddington for Shaw Savill Line, litho courts, box, c.1968, little used £4

42 Goodall Prize Medal, Willow Pattern backs, slide-in box with missing top end, c.1910, VG £5

43 Goodall for W H Smith & Son, gold enamel backs, c.1910, slightly worn slide-in box, FG-G £5

44 Goodall Linette (De La Rue printing) for Kenya & Uganda Railways & Harbours, c.1930, slightly damaged box, joker, VG+ £20

45 Goodall for the Isle of Man, bottom of the box only (damaged), c.1910, fairly thick card, VG+ £56

47 Arrco for Forcolar Inc, no-revoke pack with own design of courts, joker, no box, c.1947, little used £25

48 Capitol Carte Poker, own version of courts with some non-standard features, box, 1981, mint £12

49 De La Rue Jean Picart le Doux non-standard designs for the firm's 125th anniversary in 1957, no box, mint £25

50 Hong Kong for Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee in 1977, double box without lid, mint, one pack unopened £5

52 Universal for Georgia VI’s Coronation, 1937, damaged box, no joker, good £3

53 Goodall for the Worshipful Company, 1920, the Prince of Wales (Edward VIII), no box, FG, some creasing £15

54 De La Rue (Waddington printing) for the Worshipful Company 1962, Consecration of Coventry Cathedral, crested plastic box in outer gold cardboard box, mint with control slip £20

55 Fournier Ancient Civilisations, each suit represents a different period: Egypt, Sumerian, Assyria, Persia, slightly damaged box, c.1960, VG+ £18

56 Possibly Canadian PC Co. for the Nova Scotia Fisherman's Race, 52 oval photos of the area, no box, no joker, c.1935, G+, two corner creases £12

57 Probably Chinese Belgian pattern with English indices, tourist back, no box, c.1990, mint £2

58 Johnson Bros/Chad Valley Blaze, 15 cards in 4 suits plus a joker, no box, no rules (these are available under Chad Valley on the wopc site), c.1920, VG £20

60 Probably Van Genechten Dutch pattern Piket pack (32 cards + 6H), c.1930, box, unused £5

61 Brepols advert for Abdulla cigarettes, Belgian pattern with blue, not green, 53 cards, box with no flap or base, c.1930, unused £8

62 Mesmaekers house pattern for Lotisico (lottery?), c.1930, no box, G, a few creases £6

63 La Turnhoutoise Piket, conventional courts based on the North German version of the Paris pattern, c.1920, box, unused £15

64 Van Genechten Dutch pattern for Oud wine merchants, flapless box, dated 1933, unused £8

65 Brepols Belgian pattern for Rejan clothing, same text on each ace, mended box without flap, c.1960, G £4

66 ASS Prussian pattern, 32 cards, card box, c.1960, mint £4

67 Piatnik Saxon pattern, 24 cards, paper wrapper, c.1970, mint £4

68 ASS Bavarian pattern for Schafkopf, 36 cards, plastic box, c.1970, mint £3

69 ASS Political Tarock, noon-standard cartoons of German political figures (all men!), plastic box, 1976, mint £10

70 ASS Cego, 54 cards, box, c.1970, mint £5

71 Héron Aluette, 48 cards, traditional figures on several cards, note the king of money is the English KH, plastic box, c.1965, mint £6

72 Clemente Jacques, Mexico, Spanish-suited pack, Gallo, no box, c.1950?, rough card, little used £10

73 Copag, Brazil, Sevilha Spanish pack, c.1968, box, mint £6

74 La Ducale Spanish pack, 40 cards, box, c.1965, mint £3

75 Camoin, Marseilles & Casablanca Spanish pack, cheap card, printed in Morocco, paper wrapper, c.1965, mint £8

76 Grimaud Spanish pack, 48 cards, box, c.1970, mint £2

77 De La Rue for Kendrick & Jefferson, Goodall courts, gold edges, slide-in box (grubby), mint £5

113 Goodall Scientific Whist, whist leads on every card, no box, c.1895, some cards are slightly discoloured, so they may have been used for piquet or bézique, £28

123 Astra Games for the National Trust, box, c.1985, unused £2

125 De La Rue Noah's Ark, collecting game, 3 x 17 animal families + Noah card, photocopied rules, bottom half of box, c.1900, very good £8

The following are all singles that can be bought singly or as a complete lot.

S1: 46 back designs by Barribal for Waddington, most from 1925-35, but a few from the re-issues of the 1950s. More detailed information available, if needed. Excellent £2 each or £60 for the lot.

S2: De La Rue singles, c.1880. Good+ £2 each

S3: De La Rue singles, 1890s, VG £1 each

S5 Reynolds singles, six courts available. Cornucopia, a very unusual, colourful design by this firm from the late 1860s/1870s. Excellent £6 each

S7a/b/c/d/e: De La Rue singles, 1890s. G-VG+ £1 each

S8a/b: De La Rue singles, 1880s & 1860s (Holly by Jones), FG-G+ £2 each

S9a/b/c/d/e/f: Goodall singles 1870-1910, G to Exc. £1 each [Backs (b) & (e) have sold out]

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Collectors’ Playing Cards for Sale

Collectors’ Playing Cards for Sale

Some interesting playing cards for sale.