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16th Century Kings and Queens by Oksana Pushnjak

Oksana Pushnjak has created a set of cards depicting 16th century kings and queens of Europe.

16th Century Kings and Queens by Oksana Pushnjak

Chernobyl Memorial Playing Cards

Chernobyl Memorial Playing Cards designed by Misery Development Ltd. / Nicolai Aaroe and printed in Ukraine by Noir Arts Playing Cards.

Chernobyl Memorial Playing Cards 2016

Demon Deck by Anomaly World Studio

54 amazing hand drawn cards which shows the demons from Underworld.

Demon Deck by Anomaly World Studio 2014


This pack was designed by Oksana Ternavska and first published in 2011 as a supplement to the book "Eneida", a poem written by Ivan Kotliarevsky in 1798.

Eneida 2011

Fractal Seed - Cyberpunk Playing Cards by Ivan Fortunov

Cyberpunk playing cards inspired by advanced science and technology in an urban dystopian future. Designed by Ivan Fortunov, 2021.

Fractal Seed - Cyberpunk Playing Cards by Ivan Fortunov 2021

Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt playing cards dedicated to the culture of Ancient Egypt.

Gods of Egypt 2018


Gunfighters playing cards from the Wild West Series by SPCC, 2018.

Gunfighters 2018

Native American Warriors

Native American Warriors from the Wild West Series published by SPCC, 2018.

Native American Warriors 2018

Pekelna Horugva

“Pekelna Horugva” is the second deck designed by Ukrainian illustrator Vladislav Erko, manufactured by Nage Cards, Saint-Petersburg, 2012

Pekelna Horugva 2012

Robocards by Artua

This art project by Artua consists of four cards which were inspired by robots and the stories of Isaac Asimov and the Three Laws of Robotics.

Robocards by Artua

Star Kings

Star Kings playing cards inspired by space opera, 2017.

Star Kings 2017

Suvenirni Karti: XVII Storochchia

Warriors and Soldiers of the 17th century, produced in L’viv in 2010.

Suvenirni Karti: XVII Storochchia 2010

Suvenirnye Karty Odesskie

Pack printed by “Moryak” in Odessa illustrated by artist Yu. Litvinenko.

Suvenirnye Karty Odesskie 1992

Ukrainian souvenir playing cards

Ukrains’ki karti gral’ni suvenirni / Ukrainian souvenir playing cards designed by Andrii Letn’ov, c.2012.

Ukrainian souvenir playing cards 2012

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