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Silly Symphony 1930

Silly Symphony

“Silly Symphonies” or “Mickey Mouse Snap” manufactured by Chad Valley Co. Ltd, 1930s.

Sister Susie Snap 1915

Sister Susie Snap

Sister Susie Snap published by Valentine & Sons Ltd, c.1915.



Anonymous Snap game, 1930s.

Snap 1951


Snap card game illustrated with animals, by Whitman Publishing Co., 1951.



Snap by Multum in Parvo Co. Ltd. illustrating common occupations of the day, late 19th century.



Snap card game published in UK by Globe (Oppenheimer und Sulzbacher), late 19th century.



Spear’s “Snap” card game from the 1920s.

Snap 1866


Snap, the Old Original Game, has captured the imaginations of children for over a century!



An anonymous Snap game purporting to be “British Make”, 1930s.

Snap 1925 1925

Snap 1925

Chad Valley ‘Snap’ card game designed by Linda Edgerton, 1925.

Snap 1930 1930

Snap 1930

Chad Valley ‘Pantomime Snap’ card game, 1930.

Snap by Woolley & Co 1905

Snap by Woolley & Co

‘Cries of London Snap’ by Woolley & Co Ltd, c.1905 with cheerful figures of street vendors.

Snap Cards 1950

Snap Cards

Clifford Series Snap Cards, c.1950.

Snip Snap 1968

Snip Snap

Decimal Snap created by Eric Wagstaff, published by Michael Stanfield Holdings, London 1968.

Special Edition Snap 1912 1912

Special Edition Snap 1912

Chad Valley Special Edition ‘Snap’ card game, 1912.

Stop Thief & Snip-Snap 1895

Stop Thief & Snip-Snap

Another late Victorian family card game by Thomas de la Rue & Co Ltd, c.1895 with beautifully illustrated period characters.

Storks Snap 2016

Storks Snap

Snap game based on characters from the film “Storks” c.2016.

The ‘Rinker’ Snap

The ‘Rinker’ Snap

The ‘Rinker’ highly amusing snap game, c.1910.

Three Bears Snap 1930

Three Bears Snap

“Three Bears Snap” was designed by A. E. Kennedy and published by C. W. Faulkner & Co., c.1930s.

Tom and Jerry Snap 1972

Tom and Jerry Snap

Tom and Jerry Snap published by Pepys Games, 1972.