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"Americana" is a term used to describe artefacts and cultural elements that are typically associated with American history, folklore, and heritage. It may be used to evoke a sense of nostalgia or a romanticized vision of American culture from a bygone era. This might include items such as vintage clothing, antique furniture, old photographs, folk music, regional cuisine, traditions and even architecture.

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American Civil War playing cards 1961

American Civil War playing cards

American Civil War centennial playing cards designed by Teodoro N. Miciano and published by Fournier, Spain, 1961.

American Drummer 1975

American Drummer

American Drummer Playing Cards celebrating famous Americans involved in the fight for American independence.

Amusements and Attractions 2007

Amusements and Attractions

‘Amusements and Attractions’ playing cards showing the fun and excitement of America’s amusement parks.

Bicycle Negro League Baseball Museum 2012

Bicycle Negro League Baseball Museum

Bicycle Negro League Baseball Museum souvenir playing cards, USA, 2012.

Charles Bartlet

Charles Bartlet

Elaborate court cards on a deck by Charles Bartlet, Philadelphia, (who was in fact Samuel Hart) c.1845-60. The pip cards are double-ended. The date may be somewhere between c.1845-65.

Globe Card Company 1874

Globe Card Company

“Globe Playing Cards” patented on Oct. 6, 1874 by I. N. Richardson.

Gunfighters 2018


Gunfighters playing cards from the Wild West Series by SPCC, 2018.

Jeu des 7 Familles Spider-Man 1996

Jeu des 7 Familles Spider-Man

Colourful card game featuring the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man and some of his fearsome adversaries.

McDonald’s Playing Cards 1997

McDonald’s Playing Cards

McDonald’s playing cards by the United States Playing Card Co., Cincinnati, c.1997

National Card Co. 1886

National Card Co.

The National Card Co. was formed in c.1886 by Samuel J Murray, who as a young man had worked in England in Charles Goodall's playing card factory.

Native American Warriors 2018

Native American Warriors

Native American Warriors from the Wild West Series published by SPCC, 2018.

Notched Construction Cards 1970

Notched Construction Cards

Two Notched Construction Card Sets by Shackman & Co, N.Y. 1970s.

Old West Guns 2018

Old West Guns

Old West Guns playing cards containing information about firearms from the Old West, USA.

President Suspender 1905

President Suspender

An historic American advertising deck for the C. A. Edgarton Mfg Company, manufacturers of the President Suspender (known as “braces” in England) depicting U.S. Presidents and First Ladies on the courts.

Riders of the Range 1953

Riders of the Range

Riders of the Range by Pepys, 1953.

Roundup 1951


Roundup card game by Whitman Publishing, 1951.

Southern Pacific Souvenir 1915

Southern Pacific Souvenir

Southern Pacific Souvenir of the Golden West playing cards - Sunset, American Canyon and Shasta Routes - published by the Interstate Company exclusively for Southern Pacific News Service, c.1915.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin 1946

State Historical Society of Wisconsin

Souvenir deck from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin containing photographs from museum collections and archives on each card.

Steamboats No.99 1890

Steamboats No.99

Steamboats No.99 was one of a number of brands produced by the American Playing Card Co. of Kalamazoo.

Superman 2005


Superman World Hero™ playing cards made in Belgium by Carta Mundi