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Playing Cards from Childhood highlight card games that have entertained and educated young generations. With imaginative illustrations and engaging designs, these games promote strategic thinking, social interaction and friendly competition. Rediscover their timeless charm and the role they play in fostering creativity, skill development and treasured memories for children worldwide.

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Alice in Wonderland (Thomas De la Rue version) 1900

Alice in Wonderland (Thomas De la Rue version)

Alice in Wonderland card game based on original designs by Sir John Tenniel published by Thomas De la Rue & Co. Ltd, c.1900

Alice in Wonderland by Sasha Dounaevski 2018

Alice in Wonderland by Sasha Dounaevski

Alice in Wonderland playing cards designed by Sasha Dounaevski, 2018.

Animal Misfitz 1900

Animal Misfitz

Animal Misfitz designed by George Lambert for Faulkner Games, c.1900.

Bargains 1900


“Bargains” was designed by George Lambert for C. W. Faulkner & Co in c.1900.

Bobs y’r Uncle 1935

Bobs y’r Uncle

“Bobs y'r Uncle” nursery rhyme card game designed by Frank H. Simpson for John Waddington Ltd. in 1935.

Boekenkwartet 1970


Boekenkwartet featuring illustrations from children's books, 1970s.

Bread & Honey 1900

Bread & Honey

A charming Victorian family card game involving Clowns, Queens, Kings, Maids and thirty-seven Blackbirds manufactured by Thos De la Rue, c.1900.

Busy Families

Busy Families

C. W. Faulkner’s “Busy Families”, c.1903.

C.W. Faulkner

C.W. Faulkner

C. W. Faulkner & Co Ltd, London, an important publisher of games, pictorial souvenirs, children’s books, and postcards.

Carousel Playing Cards 2019

Carousel Playing Cards

Carousel Playing Cards commissioned by Tesco stores, 2019.

Cartes enfantines 1770

Cartes enfantines

Miniature 18th century Paris pattern cards for children, with decorated aces and 2s.

Cartes Illustrées 2016

Cartes Illustrées

Standard French designs adapted for children. Made by France Cartes for La Grande Récré, c.2016.

Chad Valley Co. Ltd

Chad Valley Co. Ltd

Chad Valley Co. Ltd (incorporating Johnson Brothers (Harborne) Ltd, the long-established UK brand bought by Woolworths in 1988 and now sold at Argos.

Children's Card Games

Children's Card Games

Children's games are distinct from ordinary playing cards, the most obvious difference being the lack of court cards or suit marks. Happy Families, Old Maid and Snap may teach children about taking turns, following rules, and sharing. These games can also reflect gender norms and stereotypes, often featuring cards with gendered images and roles from their part of the world or era.

Children’s Vocabulary Cards 2016

Children’s Vocabulary Cards

Thai Children’s Colour Vocabulary Cards promoting Ovaltine chocolate malt drink, 2016.

Clifford ‘Donkey’ card game 1948

Clifford ‘Donkey’ card game

Clifford ‘Donkey’ card game, c.1948.

District Messenger 1900

District Messenger

District Messengers were uniformed young men wearing little pill-box hats and mounted on bicycles who fulfilled urgent tasks and were paid by the mile

EPCS August 1994 Newsletter

EPCS August 1994 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS February 1992 Newsletter

EPCS February 1992 Newsletter Members Only

1957 40th Anniversary of the Queen's Accession to the Throne • Case of Neglected Duty • Mabel Lucy Attwell • Worshipful Company Pack 1991 • CWS SNAP • Newcastle Breweries • Toy Cards • Josh Reynolds & Sons 1862 • W.D. & H.O. WILLS • Will's Happy Families

EPCS February 1994 Newsletter

EPCS February 1994 Newsletter Members Only

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