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Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations of Playing Cards

Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations

Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations of playing cards offer a unique glimpse into the evolution of card design. This list includes various reproductions, some based on historical designs from as far back as the 1600s. Each article provides detailed information about the origins and inspirations behind the recreations.

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Fake ‘Four Seasons’ pattern

Fake ‘Four Seasons’ pattern

More than just a copy, this is a fake!

FDR New Deal Deck 2010

FDR New Deal Deck

Facsimile of ‘FDR New Deal Deck’ of 1934 re-published by Bill Schroeder, USA, 2010.

Flemish Hunting Deck 1480

Flemish Hunting Deck

Set of medieval playing cards with King, Queen, Knave and numeral cards from one to ten in each of four suits which refer to the activity of hunting, as practiced by the nobility.

Gayant, 1793 1793

Gayant, 1793

French Revolution playing cards published by Gayant in Paris, 1793.

Goyesca 1814


Baraja ‘Goyesca’ facsimile of original deck published in Madrid by Clemente de Roxas, 1814.

Grover Cleveland Presidential Campaign of 1888 1888

Grover Cleveland Presidential Campaign of 1888

Grover Cleveland Presidential Campaign playing cards of 1888, USA, [reprint 1980].

Hand-made Spanish Suited Playing Cards

Hand-made Spanish Suited Playing Cards

Decks are made on two-ply pasteboard which reproduces the tactile quality of antique cards.

Hans Sebald Beham 1523

Hans Sebald Beham

Playing cards designed by Hans Sebald Beham (1500–1550).

Heraldic playing cards 1888

Heraldic playing cards

Reproduction of Richard Blome’s Heraldic playing cards, 1684, presented to lady guests at WCMPC Summer Meeting in 1888.

Hewson Replica Pack

Hewson Replica Pack

Hand-made replica 17th century English playing cards, based on museum originals.

Histoire de France 1984

Histoire de France

“Histoire de France” facsimile of French historical deck of 1820.

Hofamterspiel, c.1460 1460

Hofamterspiel, c.1460

Hofamterspiel, c.1460

I. Hardy facsimile 1985

I. Hardy facsimile

Facsimile edition of 19th century I. Hardy Exportation deck complete with reproduction tax wrapper, c.1980s.

Jeanne l’Hachette 1976

Jeanne l’Hachette

Jeanne l’Hachette reprint of 19th century transformation deck, Denmark, 1976.

Jeu Bonaparte 1978

Jeu Bonaparte

Jeu Bonaparte depicting the extended family of Napoleon Bonaparte, France, 1978

Jeu de l’an 2 1793

Jeu de l’an 2

“Jeu de l’an 2” by Grimaud is a facsimile of French Revolutionary cards first published by Veuve Mouton in c.1793

Jeu de la Géographie 1644

Jeu de la Géographie

“Jeu de Géographie” educational playing cards etched by Stefano Della Bella and published in c.1644.

Jeu des Bonnets Phrygiens 1988

Jeu des Bonnets Phrygiens

Reproduction of Jeu des Bonnets Phrygiens relating to the Phrygian cap (or liberty cap), France, 1988.

Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II 1793

Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II

“Jeu des Quatre Saisons de l’An II” facsimile of French Revolution deck originally published by J. B. Debeine (Reims) 1793.

Jeu Mythologique

Jeu Mythologique

“Jeu Mythologique” facsimile 18th century pack by J M Simon, 1983.