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Children’s Vocabulary Cards 2016

Children’s Vocabulary Cards

Thai Children’s Colour Vocabulary Cards promoting Ovaltine chocolate malt drink, 2016.

Chitrashala Press 1940

Chitrashala Press

Chitrashala Press produced some charming children's pictorial alphabet cards for early learning purposes in the 1940s.

Classic Card Games for Kids 2002

Classic Card Games for Kids

A boxed set of playing cards, Happy Families and an alphabet pack with rules for 22 games.

Jaime Margarit - Recreo Infantil 1888

Jaime Margarit - Recreo Infantil

'Recreo Infantil' children's educational cards published by Jaime Margarit, Palamós (Gerona) c.1888.

Lexicon 1932


The summer of 1932 saw the introduction of Lexicon, when a small edition was produced and sold to test the market.

Majas Alfabets Spel

Majas Alfabets Spel

Majas Alfabets Spel beautifully illustrated by Lena Andersson, 1980s.

My Word 1980

My Word

My Word “The last word in card games” designed by Michael Kindred and Malcolm Smith, published in 1980 by Waddingtons.

Spelka 1908


Spelka, a word game published by John Jaques & Son Ltd, c.1908.

Spell 1958


Spell word game published by Pepys Games, 1958.

Sylabex / Wordmaker 1948

Sylabex / Wordmaker

Sylabex / Wordmaker was first published by Pepys in 1948.

The New Game of Animals 1878

The New Game of Animals

Victorian card game with imaginatively designed letters which spell the name of an animal, with one card representing the animal spelt.

Word Making and Word Taking 1877

Word Making and Word Taking

How crossword and spelling games became popular.