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Astronaut card game published by Pepys Series (Castell Bros) celebrating the arrival of space travel, 1960s

Compagnie Industrielle des Téléphones 1950

Compagnie Industrielle des Téléphones

Publicity pack featuring various historical figures “on the ‘phone”.

Electrical Mah Jong 1924

Electrical Mah Jong

Electrical Mah Jong was produced by De La Rue for The Western Electric Company Ltd in 1924 for the Wembley Exhibition.

EPCS November 1985 Newsletter

EPCS November 1985 Newsletter Members Only

The King of Spades (The English Court: Part 10) • Fragments from France • Games Packs Theme: Wireless • Beautiful Britain (Part 5) • Owen Jones and his card back designs • Metropolitan Vickers, War Games • Remembrance Day

Fujitsu playing cards 1973

Fujitsu playing cards

Colourful advertising pack for Fujitsu Limited, reminiscent of the flower power/psychedelic era.

Giffgaff 2015


Giffgaff mobile network playing cards, 2015.

Globalstar 2001


Naipes Globalstar TE.SA.M. Telefonía Satelital playing cards, manufactured by Gráfica 2001.

Mercury One-2-One Situations

Mercury One-2-One Situations

Mercury ‘One-2-One Situations’ playing cards published by Mercury Communications.

Nokia II 1990

Nokia II

Advertising pack for the Finnish firm Nokia showing different mobile phones.

Orange: Great Value, Free Rewards

Orange: Great Value, Free Rewards

“Orange: Great Value, Free Rewards” promotional playing cards published by Orange UK.

Phone and smart cards 1990

Phone and smart cards

Phonecards with playing card designs.

Radio Banker 1930

Radio Banker

Radio Banker by John Waddington Ltd for Marconiphone Co Ltd.

Sony IBC’86 1986

Sony IBC’86

Sony IBC’86 complimentary pack showcasing latest electronic and digital equipment as it stood in 1986.