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A miniature theatrical pack of playing cards, Germany? c.1900 1900

A miniature theatrical pack of playing cards, Germany? c.1900

This miniature pack is very similar to one made by C.L.Wúst in c.1890.

Carte Romantiche Italiane 1984

Carte Romantiche Italiane

Scenes of life and the theatre in Milan towards the second half of the 19th century.

Cartes à Rire

Cartes à Rire

Transformed playing cards featuring satirical caricatures of political figures then in the ascendant, Paris, c.1819.

Chinese Opera Masks Playing Cards   脸谱

Chinese Opera Masks Playing Cards 脸谱

Three different packs of cards featuring traditional Chinese face painting and Chinese opera masks.

Chinese Roles of Beijing Opera 2005

Chinese Roles of Beijing Opera

A very impressive deck of cards featuring 54 different images from “Chinese Roles of Beijing Opera” published by HCG Poker Productions, 2005

Craddock Soap Stage Souvenir 1895

Craddock Soap Stage Souvenir

The deck is described on the box as “a portfolio of photographs of the leading lights of the stage”

EPCS February 1991 Newsletter

EPCS February 1991 Newsletter Members Only

London Underground • Cards & Magic • Alf Cooke and Universal • OXO • Dewar Whisky • Worshipful Company Pack 1990 • Thomas De La Rue • WD & HO Wills • CWS Snap • The Rose of the Orient (Part 2) • Just William • Irish Scenes • Theatre World • Alice in Wonderland Ephemera

EPCS February 1995 Newsletter

EPCS February 1995 Newsletter Members Only

Fums Up! • WW1 • Matches • Noah's Ark • Carreras • Theatre • Isle of Man • National Trust • De La Rue • Advertising • Worshipful Company 1994 • National Trust • Country Life Tobacco • British Museum • London Underground • Teddy Bears

EPCS November 1996 Newsletter

EPCS November 1996 Newsletter Members Only

Cinderella and Prince Charming • Pantomime • Isle of Man • Rapide Printing • Denny Brothers [Denbro] • WWII • Boddingtons Bitter • Peerless • James English • Jolly Families • Lady Charlotte Schreiber [1812-1895] • Question of Duty • Battleships • Nell Gwyn • Bath Pack • Regency Pack • Porcelain • Goodall's Card Games

Esquire Magazine 2002

Esquire Magazine

Promotional deck produced by the British gentleman’s magazine “Esquire” c.2002.

Hard-a-Port 1890


Tobacco insert cards were a very successful marketing innovation which started in the nineteenth century.

J. Glanz Historical playing cards 1865

J. Glanz Historical playing cards

Historical Theatrical playing cards manufactured by J. Glanz, c.1865.

Le Jeu des 4 Opéras 1989

Le Jeu des 4 Opéras

Characters from five famous operas brought alive in artist Silvia Maddonni’s inimitable style.

Marionnettes Wayang 1985

Marionnettes Wayang

Striking Wayang puppet designs conceived by Youdi des Aubrys from Indonesia, 1985.

Miniature Theatre playing cards 1890

Miniature Theatre playing cards

Miniature playing cards, possibly for children, with a romantic theatrical theme. C.L. Wüst c.1890.

Molière par Dubout 2006

Molière par Dubout

Characters and scenes from plays by Molière as drawn by the cartoonist Albert Dubout.

My Fair Lady 1967

My Fair Lady

Theatre programme in the form of a pack of cards. East Germany, c.1967.

New Style ‘Jugendstil’ 1911

New Style ‘Jugendstil’

Playing cards showing the influence of ‘Jugendstil’ manufactured by the Soviet Playing Card Monopoly (U.S.S.R.).

Old Met playing cards 1986

Old Met playing cards

Old Met playing cards published by the Metropolitan Opera Guild, USA, 1986.

Panto 1956


Panto card game designed by Neville Main and published by Pepys Games, 1956.