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A miniature theatrical pack of playing cards, Germany? c.1900 1900

A miniature theatrical pack of playing cards, Germany? c.1900

This miniature pack is very similar to one made by C.L.Wúst in c.1890.

Anonymous Novelty Cards

Anonymous Novelty Cards

Miniature novelty playing cards from the late 1940s or early 1950s with a charm of their own. Probably published as small prizes at fairground or seaside amusement arcades.

Billiken Minicartas 1964

Billiken Minicartas

Children’s toy cards published in Argentina by Editorial Atlántida in the magazine “Billiken”, 1964.

Birkel Schwarzer Peter 1950

Birkel Schwarzer Peter

The Birkel company has produced several promotional “Schwarzer Peter” packs over the years and this one is themed on the circus.

Kamarát Toy Cards 1987

Kamarát Toy Cards

Kamarát miniature toy playing cards from Czechoslovakia.

Kuzco, l’empereur mégalo 2001

Kuzco, l’empereur mégalo

Notched cards featuring toys representing characters from the Disney film Kuzco, as offered by McDonald’s.

Magic Poker Cards

Magic Poker Cards

“Magic Poker Cards” are often found inside Christmas crackers along with party hats, puzzles and jokes...

Miniature Playing Cards

Miniature Playing Cards

Crudely printed miniature children's packs produced anonymously in c.1920-30.

Miniature Playing Cards

Miniature Playing Cards

Miniature Playing Cards from around the world.

Mundialito de Radiolandia 2000 1978

Mundialito de Radiolandia 2000

‘Mundialito’ toy football playing cards published inside the magazine ‘Radiolandia 2000’, Argentina, 1978.

Naipes Hijitus 1986

Naipes Hijitus

Naipes HIJITUS playing cards were published during the mid-1980s as an insert in the children’s comic Anteojito.

Notched Construction Cards 1970

Notched Construction Cards

Two Notched Construction Card Sets by Shackman & Co, N.Y. 1970s.

Space Puzzles 1991

Space Puzzles

The Space Puzzles Game published by Gametoy Development Co., Inc, Orlando, Fl, 1991.

Sylvanian Families mini playing cards 1987

Sylvanian Families mini playing cards

Miniature cards in sheet form with Sylvanian Families characters on the courts and Jokers.