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Cossack 1994


“Cossack” playing cards, with artwork by O. Panchenko dedicated to the revival of the traditions of the Cossacks. Printed by the Colour Printing Plant, St Petersburg, 1994.

Komandirskie [Commanders] 1997

Komandirskie [Commanders]

‘Komandirskie’ military-themed playing cards from Russia, 1997.

Lubok playing cards 1984

Lubok playing cards

Lubok playing cards designed by Victor M. Sveshnikov. Russia, 1984.

Madam Luck 1998

Madam Luck

“Madam Luck” playing cards designed by B. Adziev, 1998.

Maya 1975


“Maya” playing cards designed by Russian artist V. M. Sveshnikov and first published by The Colour Printing Plant, St Petersburg, in 1975.

Palekh by Aleksey Orleansky 2014

Palekh by Aleksey Orleansky

In the style of religious icon paintings, these court card figures wear costumes reminiscent of the mid-17th century.

Peterhof 1999


“Peterhof” deck manufactured at the St Petersburg Colour Printing Plant in 1999.

Pushkin 1999


Pack designed by M. Rydaeva celebrating the 200th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin’s birth.

Rokoko 1911


Rokoko (Rococo) reflecting the dress and culture of the first half of the 18th century.

Russian “Historical” 1920

Russian “Historical”

Russian “Historical extra fine No.204” Playing Cards depicting Ancient Dynasties, 1920s.

Russian Four Seasons 1971

Russian Four Seasons

“Seasons” playing cards designed by U. P. Ivanov and published by The Colour Printing Plant in St Petersburg.

Russian Opera Scenes 1974

Russian Opera Scenes

Russian Opera & Theatre Scenes playing cards first published by the Colour Printing Plant (USSR, Russian Federation) in 1974

Russian Playing Card Monopoly 1798

Russian Playing Card Monopoly

The Russian Playing Card Monopoly was established in March 1798 with all revenue going to support the St Petersburg Foundling Hospital. After the construction of the Foundling Hospital's own factory in 1817 (known as the Imperial Playing Card Factory), all subsequent Russian playing card production was located there until the end of the State monopoly in 1961.

Russian Playing Cards

Russian Playing Cards

Playing cards were known in Muscovy as early as the last quarter of the sixteenth century.

Slavonic 1928


Originally published as “Slavonic Cards No.501” by The Colour Printing Plant, St. Petersburg in 1928.

The Neva River 1992

The Neva River

A deck designed by Victor M. Sveshnikov dedicated to the Neva river and the city of Saint Petersburg.

White Palekh 1982

White Palekh

“White Palekh” was first published by the The Colour Printing Plant in St. Petersburg in 1982 with designs by Pavel Bazhenov.