DC Comics Originals

‘DC Comics Originals’, 2014

Waddingtons ‘DC Comics Originals’ deck was published by Winning Moves in 2014. Each suit is assigned to a different fantasy superhero comic: Spades are ‘Batman’; Hearts are ‘Wonder Woman’; Clubs are ‘Justice League’ and Diamonds ‘Superman’. The pip cards have assorted single images (repeated in each suit); each ace and court card is presented with a different character pertinent to the relevant comic. The jokers are aptly the ‘Joker’ from the Batman comic, each of two jokers showing the same character in a different pose. All the images are set against an energy burst background as seen in the original comics, adding a sense of dynamism and ambience.

Waddingtons ‘DC Comics Originals’ deck published by Winning Moves, 2014

Above: Waddingtons ‘DC Comics Originals’ deck published by Winning Moves, London, ™ & © DC Comics. 2014. Manufactured in Poland. Batman figure courtesy Iñigo Rodriguez Carballeira.

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