Bicycle Seconds

Bicycle Seconds, c.1928

The United States Playing Card Company

Imported into Argentina by Palmer & Cia, c.1928

Bicycle Seconds, c.1928

Left: box (front & back) from deck of 'Bicycle 808 Seconds' playing cards manufactured by The United States Playing Card Co, Cincinnati and New York, USA, with offices also in Windsor, Canada and London, England.

The deck was exported to Argentina and a 50 Centavos green tax band can be seen affixed around the box. The tax band relates to Law No. 11.252 which was in force between 1924-1943.

Bicycle Seconds, c.1928

Above: the last type of standard Bicycle Ace of Spades, which is still in use today, albeit with minor modifications. The ace of hearts shows the brown importation tax stamp and the name of the importing agents Palmer & Cia who were successors to Donnell & Palmer, c.1928.

U.S.P.C.C. ‘Bicycle Seconds’ box, c.1895

Above: U.S.P.C.C. ‘Bicycle Seconds’ box, c.1895, which contains a Russell & Morgan Printing Co Bicycle deck. Image courtesy Jesse Hobbs.

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