Editorial Gráfica Flores, c.1970-90

Editorial Gráfica Flores S.A. were manufacturers of playing cards and card games around c.1970-90. They produced comic animal and "Pinocho" cards with Spanish suit symbols, as well as several editions of "Punto y Banca" standard Spanish-suited and Anglo-American type playing cards. The cards are attractively designed but printed on low grade card. At some stage the name Pro Graf appears printed on the box of certain editions.

Punto y Banca

Detail from box, c.1974
Detail from box, c.1974

Above: the box states "Made in Argentina by Plastic License for Export".

Detail from box, c.1973


Right: cards from a Spanish-suited children's pack titled 'Pinocho' published by Editorial Gráfica Flores c.1975. 48 cards + 2 Jokers.

Comic Animals playing cards

Comic Animals playing cards, c.1985

Above: 48-card Comic Animals playing cards, plus joker, c.1985. Every card has a different drawing. The Joker shows the name Editorial Gráfica Flores.

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