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Playing Cards from France

French Playing Cards

Some of the oldest cards still in existence come from France. During the 16th and 17th centuries France was the major supplier of playing cards in Europe.

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Disneyland Paris 2000

Disneyland Paris

Disney characters deck from Euro Disney, Marne la Vallée, France, c.2000.

Early Anglo-French Cards

Early Anglo-French Cards

Cards produced in Rouen during the sixteenth century. It was cards like these which were imported to England and are the ancestors of the modern 'Anglo-American' pattern.

Éditions Dusserre, Paris

Éditions Dusserre, Paris

Éditions Dusserre, Paris.

Éditions Philibert 1954

Éditions Philibert

Éditions Philibert published an outstanding series of exotic, artistic playing cards in Paris from 1954 to 1960

El Gato con Botas 1981

El Gato con Botas

Puss in Boots card game manufactured by H. Fournier, 1981.

Épinal Tarot 1979

Épinal Tarot

The woodcuts were produced by Francois Georgin (1801-1863), a famous engraver during the Napoleonic period, retaining the composition and general features of the Tarot de Marseille.

Ergomia 2000


Complete re-design of traditional pack into what the publishers considered to be ergonomically efficient.

Eroticartes 1983


Eroticartes with drawings by Pino Zac, 1983.



Eurotrotter by La Ducale, c.1980s.

Familles Provinciales 1930

Familles Provinciales

Jeu des 7 Familles Provinciales printed by Nisse, Croix-Lille, c.1930

Fashion costume pack by O. Gibert 1860

Fashion costume pack by O. Gibert

Elegant fashion costume deck published by O. Gibert, Paris c.1860.

Festival des Pains 2003

Festival des Pains

Festival des Pains Artisan Boulanger (Artisan Bread Festival), c.2003.

Film Stars 1960

Film Stars

Film Stars from the 1960s with photography by Sam Levin.

Filmstars by Publistar, 1962

Filmstars by Publistar, 1962

“Filmstars” deck published by Publistar, printed by La Ducale (France), 1962.

Flemish Hunting Deck 1480

Flemish Hunting Deck

Set of medieval playing cards with King, Queen, Knave and numeral cards from one to ten in each of four suits which refer to the activity of hunting, as practiced by the nobility.

Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey 1992

Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey

Promotional playing cards for a brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

France Royale Bridge 1975

France Royale Bridge

“France Royale” Bridge playing cards by Willy Mayrl depict historical characters from France’s royal past.

France, Champions du Monde 2018 2018

France, Champions du Monde 2018

Colour photographs of the World Cup-winning French football squad of 2018.

French Cartomancy cards, c.1830 1830

French Cartomancy cards, c.1830

French Cartomancy cards published by J. Gaudais; printed by Mansion, Paris, c.1830.

French Costumes 1848

French Costumes

During the early 19th century. O. Gibert of Paris produced a series of such fashion packs, or packs depicting historical characters.